September 6, 2010

American Pickers

Wow it's a big night on TV tonight.

A new episode of American Pickers is on at 9:00pm on History Channel.

Followed by two new episodes of Pawn Stars on the same channel.

And I can record the new Hoarders episodes at 9:00 and 10:00 on A&E so I can watch them later tonight.

So after I buy treasures like Mike and Frank do, I can try to sell them at a Pawn Shop or just keep it all in my house so I can be on an episode of Hoarders. Sounds like a plan to me!


  1. We're watching the same thing tonight. I'm addicted to Pickers - possibly more so than I ever was to Antiques Roadshow. I'm sure that someday I'm gonna find a priceless treasure!

  2. oh..I think I must be missing something. I have heard many people comment about American Pickers but I have never watched it...NOR have I ever watched Pawn Stars. I guess I need to get my butt in front of that TV. I do love Hoarders though. I did know one once~although at that time I didn't really realize that it is a sickness. Sad~and the recovery is not an easy (or sometimes lasting) one. Diana

  3. ~*Ive never seen american pickers before..sounds interesting! Love hoarders too..I always feel so sad for the hoarders would be so horrible to live like that ;( I have the opposite problem..I always get rid of stuff and wish I hadnt!! :)~*~*~*

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE American Pickers!!!!!!!(deserved more than the standard 3 exclamation marks) I love pawn stars too, but haven't watched hoarders, I'll have to check it out!


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