September 27, 2010

Fall Front Porch

My Fall front porch decor is done. Well, it's never really done, but it's done for now.

For comparison, here is my Summer porch decor from July.

My black porch rockers sort of go with the Halloween theme.

I got this clay pumpkin years ago and he always lands on the front porch. His hat comes off so you can put a candle in him.

I covered some bright summer green outdoor pillows with burlap and painted numbers on them.

BTW, I will not give a tutorial on making the pillow covers, because I cheated and it involves iron on Stitch Witchery fusible bonding tape and straight pins. Yeah, I had a little fight with the sewing machine and it won, so out came the Stitch Witchery.

My front door is flanked by my oval planters.

Each planter has a grass plant and two types of potato vines.

The potato vines will die off at the first hint of a frost, so I have planted a backup plan. Ornamental Cabbage. Or is it Ornamental Kale?

Cabbage I think. Doesn't it look pretty peaking out from underneath the grass.

I have a green one and

a purple one in each pot.

And to the right of the front door, my pumpkin in sitting in an urn that used to have summer flowers in it.

I switched out my doormat insert to my Halloween one. I have a few different centers that can go in here. The black rubber part stays and just the coir center is changeable.

I love my rusty orange mums that I found this year. I would tell you the name of them, but I lost the tag for them. And I always keep the tags!!!

This is where my gourds from this post ended up.




  1. Both versions of your porch are beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty spot....and how fun to change it up with the seasons. You've given me some great ideas for my own porch, which has lamented all summer long for being ignored :)

  3. Pam-The porch looks lovely and ever so Fallish! I can't believe how beautiful your potato vines grew...mine didn't do much at all this year. I love those vines!

    Imagine-cheating on pillows and telling on yourself. Martha Stewart would NEVER lower herself to Stitch Witchery (did you notice how I cleverly worked the word WITCH into the name of the product)? Pretty good, huh? Hugs-have a great Monday- Diana

  4. Love the changes you made Pam! Those pillows are very inspiring for the non-sewers like myself, so I think I could do this, yay! I really love your black door, and with the fall, it is perfect. Those planters are wonderful too:)

  5. I looks wonderful. I love the pumpkins on the urns and the rockers and pillows and all of your beautiful plants really finish it off perfectly. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  6. It looks great, Pam! I'm still loving what you did with the gourds and those pillows are fabulous. La

  7. You're ready for Fall, your porch looks great! Very pretty and very warm and welcoming!

  8. Your porch looks great. The pumpkin in the tall urn is probably my favorite, but you really have lots of great things. The burlap pillows really look fabulous on the black rockers. I love you interchangeable mat. I've never seen one of those. I'm so glad you joined my Porch and Garden party!

  9. I love your front door and the pumpkin looks great! Thanks for your nice comments!

  10. Pam I love your front porch..and I love those pillows..gotta make some..:) have a wonderful monday.:)

  11. Hi Pam,
    Eveything looks wonderful!
    Love those pillows.


  12. I like the black door as opposed to the white. It POPS!
    Your porch also looks great!


  13. I love them both! The black chairs make a great backdrop for either holiday. I need to do something with our front steps and soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  14. Your front porch is very inviting...I love the ornamental cabbage for fall! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Your front porch looks amazing! I love all the fall decor and the pillows are toooo cute. Beautiful house Ü

  16. What a gorgeous porch. I love how you change the decor for the seasons.

  17. Pam,
    Your porch looks the new color on the door and those awesome burlap pillows!


  18. Lovely change. Looks like you are ready for fall!

    visiting from Debbiedoos

  19. Your porch is so very pretty Pam! Love the pillows. I have cheated too and used stitch witch, that is all the sewing I can do:) Thanks for joining me this week, always a pleasure to stop by. Debbie

  20. A little late stopping by from debbiedoos! I really like the pumpkin in the urn! Everything looks crisp for fall!

  21. Love your porch pictures. The pillows are a favorite!

  22. It looks wonderful Pam. I love your urn with the pumpkin in it. ♥O

  23. Hi Pam, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here, but I'm lovin' your front porch! The black rockers really set off your porch. And however you made those pillows you did a great job, the burlap and numbers are wonderful! Thank you so much for linking up for VIF!

  24. Just became your newest follower... Have to run and get my daughter from practice but I will be back to read more!! Please come visit me too!

  25. Your plants look so beautiful still. Gorgeous fall porch, Pam.

  26. Pam, your porch looks lovely. I admire how full your potato vines are. Mine needs trimming, it's getting scraggly. The pumpkin is adorable!

  27. Hi,

    What are the dimensions of the burlap pillows?

  28. @anonymous - They are called lumbar pillows and they measure 13" high by 20" wide.

  29. Can I ask where you found those rockers? I am in LOVE with them! :) Super cute porch!


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