Halloween Banner

I have been seeing fellow bloggers making these cute Halloween banners, so I just had to try one myself.

Now I did not get the crafty genes in my family, those went to one of my sisters, but this looked fairly simple to make. I can cut triangles!

Plus I finally got to use some of my crafty items that I buy with the intention of becoming a crafty gal and then never use.

So I cut my scrapbook pages and black cardstock into triangles (see I told you I could do it), the black ones being slightly larger than the decorative ones. I printed the letters out on tan cardstock and then used various decorative scissors to cut around them.

And then glued them together.

I glued the twine to the back of the banner

and voila I was finished.

BTW, every time I want to type the word voila, I spell it wala and then have to Google “magic terms” to figure out how it is really spelled (I really should have taken French in school).

I spent probably half an hour in Hobby Lobby picking out the decorative scrapbook paper. There’s sooooo many choices, but I decided to go with black, white and cream.

If I knew it was that easy to make, I may have gone for something longer like “Happy Halloween” or “Autumn Harvest”! Maybe next time.

Au revoir! Yep, Google comes in handy around here.


  1. says

    Pam, Your banner turned out just adorable! I was up really early this morning – so what was I doing? hmmmm… checking out new blogs…. and I ran across someone that did the exact same thing- she made a cute banner using small cards that spelled out “Halloween.” I knew I had to get crafty soon. Then I saw yours- now I KNOW I have to do this! Thanks for sharing.
    :-) Sue

  2. says

    You did a good job! I think many of us buy supplies and then never get motivated to finish!
    I found you through In the Middle of Nowhere.
    I am off to check out some more of your posts. Stop by when you have some time. :)

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