September 29, 2010

Spooky Labels

You guys are probably sick of my Fall and Halloween stuff by now, but I just had to show you this.

This is an old bottle that I found at a garage sale in August.

It was a little cloudy on the inside and the more I cleaned it the cloudier it got. So I finally gave up on it, but when I saw some Martha Stewart poison bottle labels

Photo courtesy of

at JoAnn Fabrics the other day I immediately thought of my sad old bottle. I knew there had to be something similar online somewhere that I could print out for free instead of giving Martha my money. And why yes, there was!

I found this cool vintage looking Witch Hazel label on a website, so I Mod Podged it to my foggy bottle.

Now, I found this at a blog called Coco and Bella . It's not a blog I had ever been to before, I found it by Googling "vintage poison labels" and one of the images that came up was from her blog. Anyhow, since I was showing it on my blog I thought that I should try to find out where it had come from originally. I traced it down to Love Manor 's Flickr group here.

I also found that has some vintage poison labels that are free printable images. Here are some samples of what they have at that site.

This last one is sort of timely with the epidemic of bed bugs being in the news. I will spare you the bed bug photo I found. They are nasty looking little guys.

Now I'm looking for other bottles to Mod Podge more labels to. I have my eye on an old pickle jar in my fridge.


  1. Pickles for dinner! I printed out some labels yesterday. I should have thought ahead and started saving bottle and jars a while back.

  2. Love it- I love that bloggers here share so freely with each other. In the local crafting world there is such a protective "hedge" around each one that no one will breathe a word of where they found what. So, coming to Blogland is soooo refreshing.

    I love your old bottle. Martha would be proud! hugs- Diana

  3. love! great ideas for this spooky season!! clever!!

  4. This turned out just too cute, Pam!! I thought about doing a similar project, but got sidelined. I'll have to bookmark these sights so I can have them for later. Like in my free time.... Can you say winter? LOL

  5. ~*Im definetely NOT sick of your FAll decor Pam!! ;) LOVE Those labels~*~ Hugs, Rachel~*

  6. I have seen these label ideas around blogland and just love them. I plan on saving the think to do a few!

  7. it and need some for our hoard of spiders at the old house. You fixed up that cloudy old bottle just fine. I like it!

  8. Pam the labels are adorable for Halloween decorating! Very creative too.

    Thanks for checking out my fall tablescape and your kindness. I did buy the dishes on clearance last year. I'm not sure if they have them again or not?

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

  9. Your chubby bottle looks very Halloweenish now.
    Looks great.


  10. Pam, those bottles are really unique and I love the way you incorporated the labels.

  11. Awesome Pam!! Thanks for letting us know where to get those labels! I like the look of the one you put on your bottle, makes it look authentic!

  12. This is a great idea. Perfect Halloween decoration.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  13. Loves it...I have not done any modge podging in a while...I am so due:) Your bottle are looking great and wonderful inspiration for a gal like me;)

  14. What a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to share your sources -- and I'm sure they appreciate the mention in your blog!


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