November 14, 2010

Silver Sunday

I put together a little vignette for you for Silver Sunday over at Gypsy Fish Journal.

These are a couple of pieces of silver plate that used to sit on my MIL's dresser.

I like this tray's fancy cut out design. It's a little different from your typical silver trays that are heavier and more ornate.

These two lacy trinket trays have the WMF hallmark of Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, which was a German manufacturer.

If anyone knows their real purpose other than "trinket tray" let me know. They are so small that I can't figure out what they were made for, except to throw change in.

All the jewelry you see in the photos is vintage costume jewelry that belonged to my Grandmother. I pulled it out of storage to pretty up the pictures.

My favorite item is this little vase made by Hertel-Jacob in Bavaria. It is almost a jadeite color, but a little deeper and it says it is Deusch (German) Pure Silver.

I can't decide if this bird figurine looks vintage or just Grandmotherly. I have tried mixing it in with my decor and it always just looks a little off. What do you think?

Check out other swanky silver items at Gypsy Fish Journal's Silver Sunday

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  1. That silver tray is to DIE for! So delicate and ornate.

  2. Hi Pam, So nice to meet you thru Silver Sunday. That tray is so beautiful and you should wear some of your grand-mother's old jewelry. Love that cameo! I love to put old pieces like that on my jean jacket. And I like that phrase you said "vintage or grandmotherly". LOL...there really is a difference. :)

  3. Beautiful silver! I am going to all my followers blogs and letting them know that my giveaway will be over on Saturday the 28th. I had planned sooner but we are able to go out of town and I won't be around a computer. So everyone has a bit longer to go check it out and sign up if they are interested. Blessings, Debbie

  4. Great silver, Pam. Hope you had a fun weekend. Have a great week! La

  5. Love the old silver...and really love the old green/silver vase. That's a beauty. As for the bird? Well,it reminds me of some my mother had in the 50's. decide;>) Hugs- Diana

  6. Love the trays--they are really pretty.


  7. Oh that is super pretty Pam..I too love the detail. Loved that cross too, all such pretties!

  8. Beautiful silver and unique tray! I love the design on it....very unusual and not like ones I've seen before. Love it!


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