Silver Sunday

I put together a little vignette for you for Silver Sunday over at Gypsy Fish Journal.

These are a couple of pieces of silver plate that used to sit on my MIL’s dresser.

I like this tray’s fancy cut out design. It’s a little different from your typical silver trays that are heavier and more ornate.

These two lacy trinket trays have the WMF hallmark of Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, which was a German manufacturer.

If anyone knows their real purpose other than “trinket tray” let me know. They are so small that I can’t figure out what they were made for, except to throw change in.

All the jewelry you see in the photos is vintage costume jewelry that belonged to my Grandmother. I pulled it out of storage to pretty up the pictures.

My favorite item is this little vase made by Hertel-Jacob in Bavaria. It is almost a jadeite color, but a little deeper and it says it is Deusch (German) Pure Silver.

I can’t decide if this bird figurine looks vintage or just Grandmotherly. I have tried mixing it in with my decor and it always just looks a little off. What do you think?

Check out other swanky silver items at Gypsy Fish Journal‘s Silver Sunday

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    Hi Pam, So nice to meet you thru Silver Sunday. That tray is so beautiful and you should wear some of your grand-mother’s old jewelry. Love that cameo! I love to put old pieces like that on my jean jacket. And I like that phrase you said “vintage or grandmotherly”. LOL…there really is a difference. :)

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    Beautiful silver! I am going to all my followers blogs and letting them know that my giveaway will be over on Saturday the 28th. I had planned sooner but we are able to go out of town and I won’t be around a computer. So everyone has a bit longer to go check it out and sign up if they are interested. Blessings, Debbie

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    Love the old silver…and really love the old green/silver vase. That’s a beauty. As for the bird? Well,it reminds me of some my mother had in the 50’s. So…you decide;>) Hugs- Diana

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