July 31, 2010

Weekend Garage Sale Finds aka An Episode Of Hoarders

I hit a few garage sales on Thursday and Friday and think I had some pretty good luck.

Let's start off with my Thursday finds.

A Coke box for $6.00.

It appears to be from the 1970's if this is its manufacturing date. I have seen these at numerous antique stores lately for around $15-$20 each, so I thought this was a good deal.

And it beats the ones at Pottery Barn for $24.00. I am a strict Coke person, Coke Zero to be precise, so there will be no Pepsi crates in this house. And certainly no $24.00 Pepsi crates.

(Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn)

This great tarnished silver bowl was $3.00.

It's about 12" across, very heavy and has an ornate edge on it.

Better yet it has a pedestal base so I can use it as a centerpiece.

I always see tons of silver pieces when I am out and they are always dirt cheap. I think most people don't want to bother with cleaning them anymore. I love them either tarnished or shined up, they have so much character and history.

These two porcelain containers with only one lid were $3.00 for the set. They are a little too icky on the inside to ever be used for food again, but they are great to store stuff in around the house. They're a little bit vintage, a little bit industrial and more unique than a wicker basket.

On the way home from the garage sale I stopped at Salvation Army and found a vintage picture of Jesus. On the bottom it says it's a 1959 Memorial Bibles Litho.

Although I think it's a beautiful picture of Jesus, I actually bought the picture because of it's old chippy wooden frame that is much older than 1959. I am going to do a project in my living room in a few weeks where I use some antique frames and this will be a perfect addition to that. So I'm going to take it out of this frame and find a different frame for the picture that is more true to the 1950's era.

I also picked up this stoneware crock at the Salvation Army for $1.99.

These are my Friday finds which is where the episode of Hoarders comes in.

I drive up to this house and they have a lot of tables set up in the yard with a lot of glassware on them. So I jump out and it's not until I get inside their yard that I realize that what I see on the tables is about 1/10th of what they have.

The vast majority of the stuff is just sitting in boxes under the tables and boxes lined up along the driveway. Like those big boxes that bananas come in. And the stuff was just thrown in these boxes. No price, no rhyme or reason as to what was in each box, just a free for all.

The best (or worst) part is when I finally have sorted through some of the boxes, found what I wanted, dusted the mouse poop off of them and go to pay for my stuff the lady tells me to come back tomorrow because she has more stuff still in boxes that she hasn't had time to put out yet. I initially think she's talking about the stuff under the tables and along the driveway still in boxes, but no she is pointing to her garage! I glance in that direction and see at least 20-30 more boxes stacked up in her garage that I never noticed before.

So this is my haul from The Hoarders of Ohio Club president.

An English ironstone pitcher for $3.00.

An English ironstone dinner plate for $.50. It has a brown stain in the center of it that I thought I could remove, but so far no luck. We'll just say it adds to the character of the piece.

A French ironstone small oval bowl (around 5" long) for $1.00.

And a glass vegetable refrigerator dish for $.50.

Before people used Tupperware in the fridge, they used these glass refrigerator dishes.

I hope everyone had a great Garage Salen and Thrifting Week.

I am joining the following parties:

Debbiedoo's Garage Salen Party
Southern Hospitality's Today's Thrifty Treasures
Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday
Apron Thift Girl's Thrift Share Monday

July 30, 2010

Endless Summer Hydrangea

My Endless Summer Hydrangea is turning unique colors.

Its blooms are anything from white to green to pink to burgundy.

Sheba wanted to take a closer look.

I really do like the new colors of it, but not sure if this is normal for this hydrangea.

Is there something strange in the soil?

Did I just leave them on the bush too long?

I don't remember it turning these colors last year. Normally the blooms are just blue or pink aren't they?

It reminds me of fall though and with the weather we have been having that is not a bad thing. Bring on the cooler weather!

July 29, 2010

Vintage Needle Books

Last week for Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingie Thursday I showed you my vintage postcard collection. Today I'm making good on my promise/threat and showing you my needle book collection. I'll show you all three at once though instead of dragging it out for three days since there isn't a lot of things to say about them - it's mainly eye candy.

I just love the graphics on these things. They remind me of my vintage postcards.

I found this one in my mother's sewing machine cabinet and it started my quest for other needle books.

These women helping each other sew cracks me up. I don't think I have ever sewn with a group of people. OK, I know I have never sewn with a group of people. I guess times were different then.

"Oh, let me help you thread that needle Sally."

"Thanks Betty, who shapes your eyebrows for you?"

Needle books held different sized needles along with a needle threader thingie. I thought that maybe there was a technical name for the needle threader, so I Googled it, but alas that is really the name.

I bought the next two booklets at a garage sale this year. I think I only paid a dollar for each.

I like the non-sewing graphics on this one. Airplanes on one side and

a boat on the other.

Airplanes and boats seem like a strange marketing design for selling needles though. My theory is that maybe they thought airplanes go fast and boats glide through the water so therefore the needles will slide through the fabric quickly and easily??? Or maybe it's because you could take these books on a trip with you?

Not a lot of needles left, but it does have the needle threader thing.

And the needles were hardened in oil, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Doesn't this one have awesome space age graphics?

Again, not sure what rockets have to do with needles, but I love the guy and his gal sitting on the rocket with her handbag flying behind her. It's so 1940's.

This one had quite a few needles left. Not that I would ever use them because these books are normally framed and hanging in my family room. If I ever have a freak needle crisis I guess I could unframe them again.

Hope you enjoyed my vintage needle books. Check out Colorado Lady's blog to see some other cute vintage items.

July 28, 2010

It's Corn On The Cob Time!!!

In the cornfields surrounding my house the corn is getting ready.

Look how full the ears are.

This one is almost busting out of its husk.

I hear it's been a good year for corn in the Midwest and we Ohioans like our corn.

Millersport, Ohio has a corn festival.

Marion, Ohio has a popcorn festival.

Dublin, Ohio has a cornfield made of concrete.

Yeah, it's one of those artsy things. 109 ears of corn the size of people "growing" in a former cornfield. There's something ironic about taking a cornfield and making it into a cornfield which then makes it not able to be a cornfield anymore.

We love corn so much we turn it into corn mazes in the fall. Get it - a corn maze made from maize.

This would be an Ohio corn maze, but they come in all different designs. Now I thought this was purely a Midwest oddity, but I found this website for a company that designs mazes and it looks like they are all over the country. For those that haven't experienced one before, you walk through a field of really tall corn that you can't see over and try to find your way out. If you get lost or stuck in a dead end path someone will eventually rescue you.

Guess what we had for dinner last night?

The corn in "our" cornfields is feed corn, so this was bought from a local farmer who sells it out of the back of his pickup truck parked in front of his barn. He also sells some of his wife's pickles that she cans. It's an unmanned stand since he's probably off farming or something, so he has a little coffee can where you deposit your money - it's a honor system thing.

I tried to take a picture of his "stand" yesterday to show you because it's just so cute, but he was stocking it when I got there so I felt weird about whipping out my camera. I would have to explain the whole blog thing to him and all and I didn't want him to think I was a nut case. Because if he thinks I am a nut case it would jeopardize my ability to get more of the best corn I have ever eaten in my entire life. I'll try to get a shot next time I go.

I am joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer's for Outdoor Wednesday.


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