April 4, 2011


I love daffodils.

How much, you ask?

Enough that you are being forced to view all these photos of basically the same thing.

I love tulips also. Can you see one in the top left hand corner of this daffodil photo?

Well, one tulip is all you're going to see here.

I started out years ago with a plethora of tulips and over the years they went somewhere. Not sure where, but for the last few years this is the only guy who pops up.

If he produces a bloom this year, I will post numerous photos of it for you.

And BTW, I found a van on Saturday. Yeah! No more dealing with used car salesmen! If I had one more guy ask me what color van I wanted, I was going to strangle someone.


  1. Congratulations on the new van. I hate car shopping too.

    Your daffodils are lovely. They remind me of the sun...you remember the sun, don't you? We haven't seen it much lately. I'm quite certain we won't see it today either. Oh how I hope I am wrong about that.

  2. So pretty! I always forget about Daffodils - I really need to remember to plant a few next fall. I'm amazed how big they are already! My tulips are only about two inches high. Can't wait for them to bloom

  3. So... what color did you get??? There's one in every crowd!
    LOVE me some daffs too-enjoy:@)

  4. Beautiful daffodils. I love them! They are so sunny and bright. :)

    Car shopping is horrid. I always feel like a road killed animal with the vultures descending.

  5. Oh I wish my daffodils would bloom already! Don't know why they're being so slow this year.

  6. I never get tired of daffodils! They are best thing ever! I have lost my tulips over the years too, and I think it's squirrels and bunnies. I think they like to eat them or one of my neighbors has them trained to dig them up here and plant them there- LOL!
    Every now and then, I end up with something that I didn't plant. Can't wait to see your tulip.
    Hugs- Tete

  7. Your daffodils are beautiful....something about them always cheer me up!!! Maybe, because of what they signal...."a new beginning"! This yr...my triple blooms were just amazing, if you can find those bulbs..try them you will not be disappointed!!

  8. Ummmmm..what color van DID you want?;>) (ducking and running) Love your bright daffodil photos. I took some to work today for everyone to enjoy! They ar just so cheery and such harbingers of Spring, aren't they? Did Sammy the Squirrel get your tulips? xxoo Diana

  9. I love seeing Spring daffy's, they make me happy! Love yours, thanks for sharing!


  10. Beautiful daffodils. We've got another 3 weeks before they will be in bloom in my area. I'm ready! April showers bring May flowers!!

  11. Sweet daffodils! And the one, lone tulip. Bless his heart. All his friends left, but he liked his home and neighbors, so he stayed.

  12. Glad you found a van Pam!!! And those pics aren't all alike, some have a rock, some have a tree, some have both...lol. I do love looking at the daffodils though!

  13. Daffodils always seem so springy to me, that's why I love them, well and because they are yellow too...love yellow.

    Glad you found a van, car shopping is so stressful isn't it?!

    Thanks for putting by photo party button right there in the spotlight Pam! I really appreciate it :)


  14. I started with a mix of tulips and daffodils, but then the deer found my flower bed. Deer LOVE tulips. Now I mostly have daffys. They must not taste good!

  15. I love daffodils, too! They always multiply slowly over the years, whereas tulips always die out for me. Yours are in such a pretty setting, and blooming already! And congrats on getting a new van! :-)



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