April 2, 2011

Hey, The Sun Came Out

The sun was on vacation from Ohio for the month of March. Spring Break in Florida I think. But it's April and it's back now.

We just have to work on getting the temperatures a little warmer. 48 degrees just isn't doing it for me right now.

I am participating in Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday for the first time today. She's in Australia, so Saturday night is Sunday morning I think.

Head on over there and check out some interesting shots.


  1. this a beautiful shadow shot - quite lovely!!

  2. Great shot, Pam. I could use some warmth to go with the sunshine.

  3. Terrific shadow shot!! I think many of us are looking eagerly for some sunlight! Happy SSS!


  4. Nice tree shadow! I'm relatively new to Shadow Shot Sunday myself - hope you enjoy as much as I have :)

  5. Great photo Pam! We had sunshine here today too and it was practically a heat wave...59 degrees :)

  6. Such lacy shadows, they dance all over the bricks.

  7. Pam- What a great PHOTO!!! Good job, gal! It is still so stinking cold here I could fly! We have snow flurries coming again tomorrow and not a speck of green in sight! UGH!!! xxoo Diana

  8. Awesome photo Pam!!!
    That's funny...the sun is on spring break in Florida!!

    Hey I figured out how to enlarge my photos! Yay me!
    But now I can't do it they cut into my sidebar photos!!

  9. Glad the sun has returned from vacation.
    Lovely picture.


  10. This is great! The shadows against those interesting toned bricks looks super! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday :)

  11. Love the shadows...I used to live in Colorado...cold most of 9 months out of the year...'til I moved south, where it's been near 90 degrees already. Hope it warms up for you.

    Monarch Butterfly Link

    Happy Sunday.

  12. I thanked my mother in-law for bringing the sunshine with her from Florida as she just came back to Ct. We actually had snow the other day - Enough of that. I am thanking you for this post and making me aware of the shadow shots, very cool!

  13. Gorgeous shadows shot!
    My Shadow, have a blessed Sunday!

  14. I saw the shot first and thought, "What a great shot. Love the shadows." Then, I read the post! lol so glad the sun came out. Stop by for my month of giveaways!

  15. Lovely shot! Glad the sun is back...I'll be glad when things start to warm up more too!!

  16. I do believe that's a cherry tree about ready to burst into bloom!


    Since shadows are fragments of light,
    Most gracefully they can take flight
    And soar through the air
    (They do this, I swear)
    As though they were some sort of kite.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Gates

  17. That is a super ShadowShot...warm weather or not, the sun still gave you the perfect shadowed subject. Happy SSS. Stay warm!

  18. Hi Pam,
    Wow, great shot! Have a great time in Fla. I'm so jealous! 48 is so not working for me either. Have fun!
    xxx Liz

  19. Love your shadow shot! And yes, sun???? hehehe.


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