April 21, 2011

Iris I Were A Flower

The first of my iris have bloomed.

Sheba and I were checking them out today.

Speaking of intruders in the garden, the ants have already claimed my peonies and they haven't even begun to bloom yet.

They don't hurt anything, they just remind me of all the bugs out there in nature. And it's not that far from bugs to snakes to who knows what.

I'll just concentrate on the beauty of it all right now.

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  1. The photos you took of your irises against the gray brick are awesome.
    Our peonies in Ontario are just starting to poke through the ground.

  2. I haven't seen much of my Iris' yet here in Nova Scotia. Yours are lovely.

    And I think I heard somewhere that ants and/or aphids are necessary on Peonies in opening the buds? Perhaps someone more experienced could verify if that's true?

  3. Such lovely inspiration. We have MANY weeks before my Iris are ready to bloom. Bring on the peonies too!!

  4. Love the irises Pam. We have some around here that grow wild. I can't wait for your peonies to bloom so that you can show them those to us too...aren't the ants with the peonies the wierdest thing?!

    Thanks for sharing your post at my party :)

  5. I'm always amazed by the colors in nature. Your Iris photos are beautiful! Can't wait to see the peonies in bloom! One of my very favorites. Great shot with the ants! Sheba is pretty cute, too :)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. Beautiful iris, I'd be snipping it to bring it in the house! Ants on the peonies are a good thing! Sheba look like she's taking care of things!

  7. Iris I had some blooms in my own garden. And those ants? You do know that peonies won't open bloom without them, right? Happy Thursday night- xxoo Diana

  8. So pretty!!

    OMGoodness!! - I used to have a Shiba Inu a couple years back *and* his name was SHIBA!! How ironic! We had to put him up for adoption due to behavioral problems. I see that your in the Midwest.. wondering if you adopted my shiba inu!?!? Crazy huh? LOL! :))

  9. That brick background will be really pretty when all your iris are in bloom. Sheba makes a great model too!


  10. Your iris is beautiful and your peonies are further along than mine are! Happy Easter Pam-enjoy:@)

  11. Our iris are blooming at the old house and struggling for sun. Your purple ones look lovely. I must remember to divide mine in the fall. Sheba is a good helper. Happy Easter. ♥O

  12. How beautiful... I LOVE blue iris'... actually my favorite flowers are blue! Oh My when all those Iris are in bloom it will be GORGEOUS. Sheba is So Sweet...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Easter.

  13. I had Iris in my wedding bouquet..and I cannot wait to see your peonies bloom(the ants are the only detractor). By the way, you are funny!!!

  14. Your iris is gorgeous...love the color...Beautiful photos!!!

  15. So fun that you have Iris already! Fun for me to see!!!! loving that photo with the ants on the peony!!!! so cute! thanks for linking up to cottage Flora Thursday's - oxox, tracie

  16. That is one pretty picture. But then all your photos are delicious! Thanks for posting on my blog.

  17. Beautiful photos, Pam! Sheba is gorgeous!

  18. I love your irises. They look fabulous against that wall. And Sheba is gorgeous.



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