April 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

It was sort of slow around here with thrift storing and garage saling, probably because of the holiday.

Wait, what's that?

Looks interesting, but let's save that shininess for last.

First take a look at what I found for a mere 39 cents. A light pink linen tablecloth.

Reminds me of a pink linen suit I had way back when. Before I decided that linen suits were too much wrinkly trouble.

This would have been perfect for the Easter table, but since I didn't do a big, huge Easter dinner (just pot roast eaten at the breakfast bar), I didn't use it. Now I'm sort of eyeing the fabric for pillows though.

I found a Paden City Pottery Company Oven Proof Bak-Serv dinner plate. That's its official name. Who could make that up?

It's from the 1930's.

It has some crazy crazing and discoloration if you go for that sort of thing. And I go for that sort of thing!

Right now I have it sitting under my black chicken, but who knows where it will end up.

And my piece de resistance is this unique oblong silver plated bowl I found at the thrift store.

I actually saw it two weeks ago, but I didn't buy it. After I left the store I had second thoughts, so went back a few hours later to pick it up.

And it was gone! G.O.N.E, gone!

I thought it was good lesson to learn. If you see it and want it, buy it. Don't count on it to be there later.

So I went about the last two weeks pining for my find that I let slip between my fingers.

Flash forward to today when I stopped in the same thrift store and what did I see? My footed bowl.

I have no idea where it went to for a while, but I was just glad it had come back to me.

I sat it next to my champagne bucket, so you could get a good idea of the size of the thing.

It was a happy thrifting day today!

Partying with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.


  1. Hesitation is bad. In this case you were redeemed. That footed bowl is gorgeous. I passed up an alabaster lamp recently and I should smack myself. Just think what you can fill that beauty with. ♥O

  2. Love it! So glad it was there for you eventually. It's huge... lots of possibilities for decorating!

  3. Not a good weekend for sales, but you made up for it today! The footed bowl is gorgeous! It was meant to be. You'll have to share what you do with it. I can see it with potted lavender. Great finds!

  4. You have the best luck getting your beautiful silver bowl back in your possession. That would never EVER happen to me. It was meant to be!! Such lovely finds.

  5. Oh you must be so happy.Definitely meant to be yours!Love that platter.Crazing is beautiful.Enjoy.

  6. That footed bowl is gorgeous...glad that you were lucky enough to get it this time!

  7. That bowl was a great find! I love it!! How lucky to find it again when you thought it was gone.

  8. Looks like you found some great things, Pam. I love crazing too :)


  9. I'm so glad you found your bowl again Pam. I hate that feeling when you just know you should have grabbed it the first time. You found some lovely things.


  10. Loving your thrifting treasures especially the footed bowl. It was obviously meant for you.

  11. That is a great footed bowl! It looks VERY expensive. My mother always said, "He who hesitates..." She said if you see something you want, GET IT, it might not be there the next time. So boy, were you lucky! You must be a good person to have something nice happen like this for you. And I can vouch for you -- you ARE a good person! :)

  12. P.S. I got so busy complimenting you, I forgot I wanted to add this: I hope you will keep it there with the champagne bucket -- they look GREAT there together!

  13. Lovin' the green color of your dish and the bowl is fun! I'm a sucker for footed bowls and dishes:@)

  14. That bowl is fabulous. We were eyeing just such a bowl at a Flea market this weekend. It had a price tag of $140, that isn't thrifting anymore. So we didn't buy it.
    I can see glorious tablescapes with this beauty in your future. Filled with ice and bottles of bubly or chockful of romantic roses. Ah the possibilities. Enjoy!!

  15. Terrific finds Pam!!! I love that plate and you are the Queen of silver finds!!!

  16. You find some of the most amazing things! I just moved across country. I sold off all my furniture and need to buy some stuff once we get settled. I have only spotted one thrift store in the new town so hopefully I will get to spot out some more. Thanks for sharing some of your finds. :)

  17. Such pretty finds! Love that bowl for sure. Oh yes, I have had second thoughts on thrift store finds and gone back. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not. You are right about just grabbing. We could probably always sell on Craigslist if we didn't want.

  18. What a great Lost and find story. what a fabulous pedestal bowl. I love tarnished silver. I have left stuff behind too. Donna had a great point I never thought of. You CAN always sell it on craigslist. C'est tres simple!

  19. What beautiful finds, especially that silver bowl.

    PS - Your giveaway prize went out in today's mail. Let me know when you receive it!

  20. It was just meant for you to have that bowl!!! I love the patina and that wonderful etching!!!

  21. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for leaving me such a nice msg. ;)
    That bowl is gorgeous. Do you know that has happened to me all to often! I'm glad you went back. Otherwise, you would of been heart broken.
    Nice find.
    xxx Liz

  22. That pretty baby was just playing tricks on you:) Thanks so much for coming to my party this week.


  23. The fruit bowl os gorgeous! And it was meant for you, although it made you work for her! Maybe she just wanted to see if you REALLLLLLY wanted her!

  24. Oh my, The silver bowl is gorgeous! It looks like hotel silver?

  25. I'm drooling for you footed bowl...I love anything shiney and if it has a base or little feet....sigh....

    I'm your newest follower...can't wait to dig around and see your other thrifty finds!

  26. The silver bowl is gorgeous and I LOVE your vignette!! Martina


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