May 2, 2011

My Lilac Is Lacking

I have a case of lilac envy today. I see all these really pretty photos of lilacs out there. Big old bushy bright purple blooms.

And then there are my lilacs.

Blah. Anemic. Scrawny. Dingy.

They don't look any better on the bush.

The good news is that my iris bed is going to be in full bloom mode in the next few days. If it ever stops raining, I may be able to get some photos of the iris show for you.

It is spectacular, if I do say so myself. And I feel I can say that because I inherited the bed from the previous owners of the house. Its prettiness has nothing to do with me.

Just like my lacking lilac issues have nothing to do with me, I guess.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

My son and I had the house to ourselves this weekend, since my husband was out of town at a vintage motorcycle rally in New York and Massachusetts. He did not win the race, but had a great time.

See, he likes vintage things too. If motorcycles count.


  1. Oh my white lilac did not have many blooms either this year. I only was able to pick one small bouquet to bring in. It was full last year, so who knows?

  2. I have plain ole garden envy! We just moved in here end of last summer thinking that in the spring we would see something.....nah...NOTHING. Not a bloom in sight....sigh.....guess we have to get to planting!

  3. Well, I'd be happy to have your lilacs right now...there isn't one leaf and any tree whatsoever to be seen around here. I'm wishing for some green.

  4. Pam, at least you have some lilacs to show...mine got whipped by the rain and wind before I could even cut a few to put in a vase! Nary a one survived the harsh elements and the tree was loaded this year, too.

  5. Sounds like your not alone with you lilac woes. We have a lilac here, but are headed towards winter. It'll be interesting to see what ours does come spring/summer.


  6. Appreciate your lilacs!! My mother planted a bush, I swear about 30 years ago, and it has NEVER bloomed! Oh yes, lots of pretty green leaves, and it grew, but not one bloom. We never even looked into why it didn't bloom, so how sad is that? So appreciate whatever few lilacs you have. And good for you and your son having a nice weekend for yourselves and, even better, good for hubby getting back to NY and enjoying himself with his buddies! I'll bet he will have a lot of fun and crazy stories for you when he gets home!

  7. We have a very tiny Miss Kim lilac tree and it barely blooms. I think it's been transplanted too many times (my husband rearranges plants as much as I rearrange furniture). It's still pretty bare outside in my neck of the woods. I'm definitely anxious for blossoms and can't wait to see signs of spring. Your pitcher is just gorgeous.

  8. I think you just have a different variety of lilac. My white ones are a lot skinnier and have less "flower" than the purple ones. I inherited gorgeous iris too, but they did not last long. I think I needed to thin them and didn't. Looks like your rain is headed our way:@)

  9. My lilacs looked scraggly 2 years ago so this is what I did, which worked, because I have a lot of blooms this year. Right after they are through blooming (timing is important), I thinned out some of the old branches in the center to allow airflow and then applied lime (and again in October).
    Good luck with next year's crop.
    PS I like your blog.

  10. My lilacs did not do as well as usual this year either. I am in the midwest, also. Mine are thinned properly and get plenty of sun. They are about 30 year old bushes. They didn't smell as much either. Must just be a bad weather year. I will do some research (aka master gardener) and see what I come up with.


  11. Neither my lilac or forsythia have done well in recent years. Sure could use some sunshine.

  12. I have got some lilacs on my 2 bushes but not as many as I would like. I am always careful not to trim it too far after it blooms as not to cut off next year's blooms. My Miss Kim will be blooming shortly and it does very well. My white iris are getting ready to bloom and the purple ones will take off after the white ones. I think too much rain and not enough sun for all the outdoor plants as well for us tired of rain and cloudy days!~Hugs, Patti

  13. Maybe they'll still open more! Do they smell good, anyway?...that's the best part!

  14. They'll be gorgeous soon, that is how my whites started:) Love your Lily!

  15. At least you have a lilac bush!
    The photos are great though Pam!!

  16. Hi Pam--I just have buds... no blooms at all! Wanted to let you know you're featured on my Share the Love Wednesday link party this week!

  17. Hi Pam,
    Maybe they need some food? I don't know, but they are still my fave Spring flower! The
    Iris' are spectacular ;)
    xxx Liz


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