June 11, 2011

A Yellow Day

I have an explosion of yellow going on in the garden right now.

I just love these gerbera daisies. Instant vibrant color.

The Santa Fe tickseed is going strong.

My black eyed susan vine is busting out.

When I showed it last year I was surprised that not a lot of people had heard of them before. It is one of my favorite annuals and I buy at least one every year. It may be a Midwestern plant though.

I have at least 15 Stella d'Oro daylilies in various flower beds. I may have to start giving some to the neighbors this fall, since I have a few plants that need dividing and how many of the same plant do you really need?

Don't want to be the crazy daylily girl.

Did you know that daylilies only last one day? Hence the name.

And lest you think it's all prettiness in the flower beds around here, meet Skully.

This guy was in this very spot when we bought the house. The previous owners had a little Southwestern decor theme going I guess.

My husband thinks it is cool. I'm not going to touch it (yuck), so it may be here for a while.


  1. How pretty all your flowers are! I have black eyed susan vines here in CA. Mine are more orange than yellow and can be quite invasive in my roses. Yours are just lovely.

  2. Yellow flowers are so cheerful. Great pics, Pam!

  3. So, pretty Pam. The sun is shinning at your house!I'm behind in the garden dept. Either it's 90 derees here or rainy like today. That Mother Nature.. she's in menopause.
    Xxx Liz

  4. Love your yellows! Day lilies are on of my fun flowers here, but mine aren't even ready to bloom yet.
    On your last post- your thingys are a fishing basket- tie a rope to the handles and throw it over the side of the boat to keep the fish alive and fresh until you are ready to clean them.
    The resistor- also called an insulator- is just what they said. Made of ceramic, baked in a local kiln much like bricks used to be, it would not cut the wires or conduct electricty so your house would not burn down. It was used at the top of the house, the wire was threaded through it and then brought down to the fuse box, which were sometimes placed on the outside of the house. I have seen old houses where there were only 4 20 amp fuses in a box on the porch. One line for each room. HA!
    Dated back to tube and knob technology. If you scrape the paint a little, it's probably brown under it.
    Have a great evening!

  5. I have had the black eye susan vine for a couple of years and love it! Love the yellow gerber daisy!!

  6. Psm...I hope Skully wasn't tied to that tree and died for lack of food and water! Your lilies are gorgeous. Ours have are just starting to bud here. I have mostly Stella d'Oro which bloom all season. Love them! xo Diana

  7. Ummm..I DO know your name is PAM and NOT PSM! xo D

  8. Yellow flowers are just happy flowers. They make you smile! I didn't see any black eye susans this year. I may have to keep looking.

  9. Such vibrant yellows in your garden, Pam. I had no idea about Day Lilies only lasted a day. Not sure about "Skully" haha but we all have to live with something for the sake of our Hubbies;)

  10. Your garden is beautiful! I wish I was your neighbor!!

  11. Your flowers are so pretty! I have a definitely daylily theme going here too. We actually started digging them out and throwing them in the woods around our house. We discovered them blooming in the shade so we brought them back into our yard. They are just not very picky about where they grow.

  12. reply issues grrrrr---gonna try again.

    Pam, Your bright yellows brightened another wise gray day here but its early. And Skully was an added piece of entertainment. Have a fabulous day!

  13. The flowers look great Pam, I'm sure the neighbors would love some lilies:@)

  14. Pam, all the flowers look so pretty, Enjoy


  15. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the combination of the yellow and purple.

  16. So pretty. Your flowers are beautiful, Pam.

  17. Pretty! Well, not the skull. I never heard of the black eyed Susan vine either, but I like the look. I'll have to remember that and look for it next year!


  18. Yellow is such a happy color. I've decided to go with lots of yellow variations in my window boxes this year. Beautiful flowers, Pam. I don't think I'd be real anxious to touch Mr Skully either. I can see Josie rearranging him. Let me know if you want a five year old to help you move him.


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