November 20, 2011

Don't Box Me In

Thank you all for your advice on my Thanksgiving cooking dilemma. After much thought, we decided to buy one of the roasters and give it a try. What I did not realize is how HUGE these things are. So after Thanksgiving I will have another dilemma. Where to store this massive thing.

But enough about Thanksgiving, I have some thrifty finds on my mind. On Friday I went to a garage sale that was listed on Craigslist. The woman had a lot of photos on the CL listing and it looked like it could be a good one. It was.

Unfortunately, I got there a little bit later than I wanted to. We'll blame it on a much needed stop at Tim Horton's for breakfast. Speaking of Tim Horton's, who ever had the thought of selling donuts through the drive-thru was a genius. My thighs thank you!

So anyhow, I got there a little late. A lot of the stuff I had seen online was gone, but there still was some good stuff to be had.

Like this wooden dresser drawer

with a neat little drawer pull.

Now, I know there is someone out there saying "Why did she buy a drawer without the dresser to go with it"? Well, I have a weird thing for boxes and crates and drawers. I think I inherited this addiction from one of my sisters. But right now I have a hard time passing up a wooden box of any kind.

So, I also bought this wooden crate.

I think I may use it to hold greenery on the porch for the holidays. Or maybe a small Christmas tree.

Earlier in the week, I picked up these two boxes at the thrift store for 90 cents each.

I thought they were a steal at that price, plus I have been looking for a box to use in my son's room to hold his treasures. I thought they would fit in well with the gas station/industrial/mechanical look I am attempting to do in there.

They are some type of gage cases I would guess, from the name of the company imprinted on the top.

It seems that it is the week of the boxes around here. Did you find anything neat while you were out thrifting this week?

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  1. No sales or thrifting this week-end but a whole lot of babysitting. That's okay because I didn't spend any money.
    Were you at Urban Cottage? I need to go there to see it all decorated for Christmas.
    Save the date....Dec. 9 (I hope htat' the right's a Friday) I'll send you an email soon.

  2. Finally found a few things. I too have a real THING for boxes and containers of all sorts. Must be the organizer in me. I would have picked that up in a New York second!

  3. Love the drawer. I'd have bought that baby and grinned all the way to the car. Recently I saw a dresser on the side of the road. The dresser was unsalvageable, but the drawers were just fine. They're mine now.

  4. I can't wait to see what you end up doing with that lovely drawer with the amazing handle. You always come up with the best makeovers.

    Best wishes with Thanksgiving too.


    This is one that was on ebay to show you what went inside the dail gage boxes you got.
    I have 5 of those crates- used them when I set up for shows for height in the back of the booth. I still have them and love them- will never let them go. Have 4 stacked in the shed for shelving right now and the 5th one is on the shelf above the washer and dryer...LOL
    I love drawers, too and I love the detail in the pull on this one- you did good.
    I did good this weekend but it was all new stuff!

  6. I'm in a box/container kind of mood too!! I just bought a bunch at the last flea market... if you have time, come over and say hi! Marcy :)

  7. I'd say you were on a wooden theme! Love the pull on the drawer and the crate will look great with greenery in it.

  8. Found a great wicker chair for $5.00 at the garden club thrift shop one town over. Stopped into a place that I didn't know existed and found an old wooden shaving mirror that would be put on top of a dresser. Two little girls were doing the selling. I asked how much, since there was no price. They said it was $10, but I could have it for $5. I almost felt guilty for getting it so cheap ! But I did spend more on a vintage wooden planter box, so they did make some money. Have a great thanksgiving everyone !

  9. I love wooden boxes, too. I think it's something about things you can put other things in? I love that old crate! I know you're gonna find some great uses for all your finds. You always do!


  10. Those look like fun!
    Three or greenery will looks great in the one.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers regading Mr. Ken.


  11. LOVE all your finds. Boxes are quite interesting. So many possibilities. I once made an art case for my daughter out of an old box I found. I believe she still has it. Good Luck with the turkey roaster. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take care.

  12. Drawers, boxes, and crates, oh my! So many possibilities how can you pass them up. There was a rather sad wooden box at auction which got down to $1 with no bids and as my hand went up my husband practically yelled, "No. NO, don't do it." But how could I not? And I'm thinking some day it will get a cool chalkboard paint makeover! Enjoy.

  13. What IS it about boxes, crates, and things to hold "Stuff?" LOL You and I need to make a date to go shopping! You always find some of the neatest junque, Pam! I'm game whenever you are- you're only a hop, skip, and a jump away. LOL I want to visit YOUR haunts! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! hugs, Sue

  14. Pam, the boxes are a fab find and so is the drawer and it has lovely patina. Our rules for garage sales are get up in the dark, eat a tiny bite with one half cup of java and then get there early and no bath room breaks until after 9am. Yes, we are hardcore. hugs♥O

  15. I love boxes too. And yours are pretty cool. My problem with them is that we tend to hoard stuff so the more storage that I have, the more crap I tend to keep. So, sadly, I stay away from cute thing like these. Maybe in my next life.

  16. I love boxes, containers and baskets too...a little too much. I spent this weekend trying to organize my house and my storage space and I couldn't believe all the different sorts of containers I have. The sad thing is, if I saw that crate you found, I know I'd get that too. Hope you have a good week :)

  17. You found some great storage pieces! I adore the wood crate!

    My roaster packed away someplace in the garage. lol!

  18. I love that drawer as a box! I love wooden boxes too. I have an old sewing machine cabinet drawer sitting by my stove filled with PAM spray and cooking oils. It's just the right color green too.

    Did you see the silver tray wreath on Pinterest? yum!

  19. Great finds Pam! I love boxes too and think you found some neat ones.

    Our garage sale season is over, so I'll just live vicariously through others in warm-weather climates. Please keep sharing your finds!

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  20. Pam,
    Thanks for coming to my party with all your that old crate...I would had come home with it too. The past two weekends have been really good here with the sales...guess everybody is cleaning out before the holidays...lucky us!!!


  21. I love boxes too (and little chairs, but my husband shut me off of those)
    We went to an auction on Friday night but I only bought food (all the yummy but unhealthy kind of food)

  22. Those boxes are outstanding. I love the big wooden crate especially. Visiting from Coastal Charm. Stop by and see my photos of Ralph Lauren's Thanksgiving Table at # 86.

  23. I love your boxes, especially that dresser drawer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Pam,
    Just some lace! Not much here.. I'm waiting till Thanksgiving is over. I'm hoping that Xmas goodies appear.It would be magical ;)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    xxx Liz

  25. Great finds, Pam!!! We have an old sewing drawer that holds our remotes, which reminds me a bit of your lovely drawer.
    Love all your other finds too. Good job!

  26. Love your drawer and box. I have a love for those as well and of course baskets. They are all over my house. Great for the top of closets with things inside. If you have a pantry maybe the drawer can hold food goodies and paint a really pretty color. Happy Thanksgiving

  27. I'm a sucker for wood things, especially boxes and crates. Love that drawer! I'd say you got there with plenty of time if you found these treasures :) Visiting from Coastal Charm - Jill

  28. I love that first box with the little pull thing!

  29. Love the wooden crate you found. The drawer is great too. I wish I had some time today to go out on the hunt.
    No thrifty finds this week, but I am busy setting up previous finds for Thanksgiving!
    Have a good one.


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