April 30, 2011

Silverware Stamping Tutorial

Easy to follow silverware stamping tutorial.  Great idea for wedding favors or handmade gifts.   via houseofhawthornes.com

I promised to show you how I stamped my silverware from this post.

Easy to follow silverware stamping tutorial.  Great idea for wedding favors or handmade gifts.   via houseofhawthornes.com
It is really so darn simple.

First you need to find some silverware suitable for stamping. In my experience it seems like silverplated silverware is easier to stamp than stainless steel.

I would assume stainless is a harder metal than silverplate, which is a thin layer of silver over top of copper, brass or nickel. I skipped out on Metallurgy 101 though.

Also, if you are going to stamp a knife, be aware that a lot of silverplated knives have stainless steel blades (yet the handles are silverplated). So in my example below I used a butter knife which was totally silverplated (it's all one piece of silverplate rather than the table knife which is sort of two pieces).

April 29, 2011

A Pink Photo For A Royal Friday

I am in no way an expert on textures and layering or Photoshop for that matter, but I enjoy playing around with textures to see what looks I can create. It makes me feel artistic when in truth I can't even draw a decent stick figure.

Really, I tried to draw a bunny for Easter and it looked more like a cat. A cat that a two year old drew. While standing on his head.

But, I wanted to join Tricia's Photo Feature Friday at A Rosy Note. She has a pink theme going for today and my trees are all alive with pinkness.

These photos were processed using Photoshop Elements. I used a texture from Kim Klassen Cafe. Layer 1 was Serendipity, blending mode of Multiply at 40% Opacity and Layer 2 was Serendipity, blending mode of Overlay at 80% Opacity. I like the Serendipity texture for its grungy look.

With these first three photos I used a mouseover feature, so if you move your mouse over the photo you can see what it looked like originally. Easier to compare the before and after.

(roll mouse over photo to see original photo SOOC)

(roll mouse over photo to see original photo SOOC)

(roll mouse over photo to see original photo SOOC)

This photo just had the contrast increased slightly, no textures have been added. So don't wear out your mouse trying to get the mouseover function to work.

We don't normally have water close to us, so I was having fun playing around with capturing the flower's reflection. The flower is actually floating in our driveway that is flooded right now due to all the rain we've had lately. Not a glamorous back story of the photo, but sometimes it's fun try to work with you have.

April 28, 2011

Kitchen Table Shake Up

My son and I had a perfect day today. He has been on spring break all week and today was the first day that it did not rain, so we headed out to the zoo.

You gotta love sunshine. And wild animals. Put the two together and it's a glorious day!

I am also very proud of myself because I did not buy the obligatory bag of cotton candy at the zoo today. I must still have some Easter candy left have great will power!

OK, now on to the meat of my post. Yesterday I showed you my chemistry box

that I made into a IKEA inspired planter box.

I have it on my kitchen table, so I thought I'd show you the rest of the vignette (while it's still there because this table vignette changes rather quickly).

I bought this black rooster at Marshall's a few months ago and it has been floating around my kitchen ever since. It's been on the table a few times, on top of the fridge, on top of the cabinets and on the counter. But it keeps finding it's way back to the the table.

I have it sitting on the thrift store plate I showed you HERE.

I purchased this metal wine carrier at the Flower Factory. It's a floral supply store in a few Ohio cities plus Indianapolis.

Even though it's meant to be a wine carrier, it is just the right size for mason jars.

I put split peas in the bottom of the jars along with some battery operated candles.

I think Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage inspired this look. She did a similar one with coffee beans in it.

Strange note. Kerr jars fit in here nicely, but Ball and Atlas brand jars were slightly too large. Who knew that all quart mason jars were not the same size on the outside.

Yesterday I showed you my stamped fork. In the next few days I will work on a tutorial on how I made it. Super duper easy, so start collecting some unneeded silverware for the project.

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April 27, 2011

A trip To IKEA

I had my first trip to an IKEA store this weekend. There is one on the outskirts of Cincinnati and since we had nothing in particular to do on Saturday, we decided to make a trip of it.

I know a lot of people love, love, love IKEA. But I thought it was OK. Just OK.

I will say that they have a heck of a marketing/staging department because their showroom displays were awesome. I'm just not attracted to build your own furniture anymore. They have some nice inexpensive home decor and organizing items though.

I did manage to find a couple things to buy. I couldn't make the 100 mile trip and not buy anything!

Two 79 cents dishtowels that I plan to make into pillows if I ever finish the other 100 projects ahead of them on my project list.

And some inexpensive cardboard boxes for my husband's office to store his office junk in (I believe they were 2/$3.99).

Some day when I'm brave I will show you his office space. See that unsightly jumble of cords to the left in the photo, that's just the tip of the iceberg of a mess.

I did see this pretty cool small 9"x5" wooden planter box that came with a galvanized metal tray in the bottom.


It was only $5.99, but they were sold out of them. So when I came home I decided to make my own.

I dug out my wooden chemistry box.

I found this in an antique store a few years ago. When I took Chemistry classes in college they used to hand out your "ingredients" for your lab experiments in these boxes. And then you would trudge back to your lab desk and attempt not to create any explosions.

Then I took one of my enamelware bins (what the heck are these called - refrigerator dishes?),

put some wheat grass (available at your local grocery store)

in it.

I stamped a fork and stuck that in the pot also. It says GRASS, although the R didn't stamp correctly. I think I got a defective R stamp, I'm sure it wasn't the stamper person's fault (me).

Then I put the whole thing in my chemistry box and called it a day.

Thanks for the idea IKEA, but I have it under control!

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April 25, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

It was sort of slow around here with thrift storing and garage saling, probably because of the holiday.

Wait, what's that?

Looks interesting, but let's save that shininess for last.

First take a look at what I found for a mere 39 cents. A light pink linen tablecloth.

Reminds me of a pink linen suit I had way back when. Before I decided that linen suits were too much wrinkly trouble.

This would have been perfect for the Easter table, but since I didn't do a big, huge Easter dinner (just pot roast eaten at the breakfast bar), I didn't use it. Now I'm sort of eyeing the fabric for pillows though.

I found a Paden City Pottery Company Oven Proof Bak-Serv dinner plate. That's its official name. Who could make that up?

It's from the 1930's.

It has some crazy crazing and discoloration if you go for that sort of thing. And I go for that sort of thing!

Right now I have it sitting under my black chicken, but who knows where it will end up.

And my piece de resistance is this unique oblong silver plated bowl I found at the thrift store.

I actually saw it two weeks ago, but I didn't buy it. After I left the store I had second thoughts, so went back a few hours later to pick it up.

And it was gone! G.O.N.E, gone!

I thought it was good lesson to learn. If you see it and want it, buy it. Don't count on it to be there later.

So I went about the last two weeks pining for my find that I let slip between my fingers.

Flash forward to today when I stopped in the same thrift store and what did I see? My footed bowl.

I have no idea where it went to for a while, but I was just glad it had come back to me.

I sat it next to my champagne bucket, so you could get a good idea of the size of the thing.

It was a happy thrifting day today!

Partying with Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

April 24, 2011

Spring Break 1968

I hope you all have been having a wonderful Easter holiday today. We have been having a pretty laid backed Sunday so far. My Easters have tended to be this way for the last twenty years or so. I find it a nice day to sit back, relax and enjoy.

This got me to thinking of Easters when I was a kid and brought back memories of Spring Break 1968 when I was 6 years old.

My parents, brothers and sisters picked me up after Elementary School one day, shoved me in the car and announced that we were going to Florida on vacation.

What? Florida? Just on the spur of the moment?

Only spur of the moment for me! Everyone else knew about the trip in advance.

I guess I was a little bit of a neurotic child. I had ruined many a vacation plan for my family by getting hives the size of Texas or becoming deathly ill just as we were to go on a trip. Many a trip cancelled or postponed because of little old me.

My parents had learned that it might be best to not tell me about a trip until it happened. So off to Florida we went.

We stayed at a motel on the beach. One of those really cool teeny tiny Mom and Pop type motels. I don't think I ever stayed in a name brand hotel until I started working in hotels in college. Up until that time we never wasted money on anything fancy when traveling.

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, April 13th, 1968 at 4:48 am there was a total lunar eclipse. I remember sitting on the hood of my Dad's car in that motel parking lot staring up at the moon in total amazement.

Seeing a lunar eclipse was a big thing. Being allowed to be up at that hour of the morning was equally as big. Being allowed to sit on the hood of my Dad's car was HUGE.

Sunday, April 14th was Easter that year. Since we spent it in a motel and had traveled all the way from Ohio in a station wagon, the Easter bunny brought us store bought baskets. You know the kind, the ones with cellophane wrapped around them and filled with inexpensive toys and candy. Mine had a faux Barbie doll in it. And I was ecstatic!

Now, prior to that and every year after that, my Mom always made our Easter baskets. In my little 6 year old mind, it was such a treat to get the store bought one rather than the fuddy duddy old handmade one. I feel sort of bad now for thinking that way back then, because I am sure a lot of love and thought went into her handmade Easter baskets. But come on, this had a Barbie in it!

On the way back to Ohio we stopped at my Grandfather's house in Alabama. It is the only time in my life that I remember having met my Grandfather. I am sure there were probably other times previous to that that I just don't remember, but my Grandfather died shortly after that.

What I remember about his house is that it was an iconic Alabama cottage. And that it has spiders. Climbing up the walls right next to my bed. I didn't sleep a lot while we stayed there.

Whenever I read Layla at The Lettered Cottage my mind jumps back to Grandpa's house. Not because of the spiders, but because of the Alabama cottage look.

We also visited the Holy Land. Made out of stone. It was the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama.

This is a 1968 postcard from there. I was totally fascinated by the miniature town. I'm not sure I understood at the time that it was supposed to be Jerusalem, but I was aware that someone had spent a long time building the whole thing.

So, surprise trip to the sunshine state, lunar eclipse, store bought Easter basket, visiting my Grandfather, a stone village. What a year 1968 was!

Maybe I'll tell you about Spring Break 1980 sometime. The PG version of course!


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