May 14, 2012

Barn Sale Fun

I had a blast at the barn sale on Friday. It was a fun sale with lots of neat industrial, farm and just general vintage stuff to choose from. And the barn is always staged so nicely. I don't really know anything about the owner, but she must have worked in retail or owned a shop in the past. If any of the 50 inside photos had been presentable, I would have loved to have shown you her talent.

Blurry much?

Unfortunately, all my indoor photos look similar. Dimly lit barns, stubbornly refusing not to use the flash and no tripod are the perfect makings of shaky, blurry photos.

I did manage to take some photos outside though. Of a horse's butt.

Believe it or not, while pulling into the parking area (aka field), I had a perfect photo op of the horse's head looking over the fence at me. By the time I dug my camera out of my back seat and turned around, he had turned around also and all I got was his derriere. At least he's not lifting his tail and doing what horses do naturally.

They had a bunch of stuff set up around the entrance to the barn that was for sale. I loved this metal thingy with the plant in it. Very industrial-farm-junque. I had forgotten about it until I was driving away and decided not to throw my car into reverse and grab it.

I almost bought this funeral basket, but although I love a good funeral basket, I'm not sure if they inherently come with a weird vibe to them. And in vibe, I mean ghostly presence. The jury is still out on that for me, so until I'm sure they aren't haunted, I'll just adore them from afar. But, please, if you have them in your house, by all means keep them there. I'm sure yours isn't haunted.

So on to what I actually did buy - an old bucket, a wooden box and some metal letters, which may or may not be zinc.

I bought letters to spell out my son's name and if I was thinking I would have bought some that spelled out July Fourth or some other cute saying. While driving home that day, I had all sorts of great ideas for the things that I had seen there and neglected to buy.

The wooden box is a strange size. It sort of looks like a Coke crate, except there's no writing on the box and it is roughly 1/2 the size of my real Coke crate.

Any ideas what the crate was originally used for?

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  1. My funeral baskets are not haunted. I would not mind if they were as it's live people who are scary to me. I love the MAX letters and I have no ideas on the box but it's a cutie.

  2. Wow, you really can take a blurry photo. Who knew! Suddenly I don't feel so bad.

  3. I think I might have had to snatch up that metal thingy with the plant in it! Love what you brought home. No idea on the box.

  4. I thought my eyes were worse LOL but I do love a good horses butt :) Sounds like you had fun and yes I'm sure that funeral thing comes with ghosts. Stay away from them.

  5. I love a good barn sale. You have some nice finds. It almost looks like the crate was stripped. Not sure what the use was, but it's cute.

  6. You went to Kim's sale? Debby and I peeked in the barn last week- it was a disaster! LOL She must have worked wonders in a week. I did see a fun sink outside that would have made a great planter. No one was around, or I would have made an offer on it! If you're going to S'field on Friday, call me and I'll meet up with ya. It's been ages since I saw you last! :-) Sue

  7. Your treasures ar the letters!!! My funeral basket has been okay with me for about 10 years now...good thing is...these baskets were also used at weddings:)


  8. I love the letters and your bucket. The old crate reminds me of the ones used to display oranges (one row deep) in the roadside stands in Florida i the 60's. Not sure...but they were about that size. xo Diana

  9. Cool letters and box of unknown origin! But how about that architectural stuff outside?! I imagine it was pretty pricey, but fun to look at anyway.

  10. You always have the best adventures. Your letters and crate are pretty darn cool. I especially love that the letters spell out your son's name. Very special.

  11. I can understand why your pictures came out blurry. My eyes did the same thing. It would be so dak in that barn and then a ray of sunlight would come in. My eyes had a hard time seeing the whole time inside. Your poor camera had to be confused, hah.
    Love the letters.

  12. Barn sales are the best! I love the letters spelled, "MAX"
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    xxx Liz

  13. What a great bunch of stuff. I would love to find a barn sale here. Maybe I'll be lucky this year. Things are starting to get going around here for yard sales. No clue on the box except it is a great find. And we always happen to look in the direction of an animal - any animal while it's in it's "dooty" process. Go figure right!?

  14. Its probably a box for embalming fluid! LOL- just kidding!
    I love the letters- I had a german shepherd named Max. Love the name.
    My funeral basket isn't haunted. Think about it, would you waste your time haunting one???? NO.
    The box was probably a fruit box.

  15. Pam, you and the horse's butt cracked me funny! Great letters and little crate!

  16. Your horse butt makes me laugh. We'd all be great photographers if our camera just wasn't at the bottom of our purse! Love your Max letters.

  17. I can't wait to get back to the Midwest in a few weeks for some really good barn sales! My guess about your box: a cheese box. I have a couple that are very similar!

  18. I'm thinking fruit crate. Who knows? You got some good finds; sounds like a wonderful sale.

  19. I love your sense of humor!!! Max must feel very special because you bought those letters...very cool!!!

  20. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving your comments about my mirror in the dining room. We have very similar interests. I work a full-time job outside my home so I only blog a couple times and week and sometimes skip a week. Love your finds. I also love your humor and friendly tone of writing. I'm a follower so I'm sure you'll hear plenty of comments from me. I had to laugh about your comment on the funeral basket. I'd probably feel the same way.

  21. I love every single thing you bought! I had my share of blurry photos last week, so you're not the only one.

  22. All such cool stuff. I'd love to have a good barn sale to attend - I should check the paper for this weekend :)

    BTW, the wicker chair would have had to come home with me :)


  23. Looks like a fun sale! Love the crate and the letters.

  24. Looks like you had fun picking and choosing your treasures. Love the letters spelling your son's name. I'm having issues with my camera too. My Nikon's flash works when i want it off and flashes when I do not need it. Go figure. Take care.

  25. How did you hold yourself back? OMG! there was so much Great stuff there! I'm a "junkie" for sure! I haven't even been to any garage sales this year because I always buy and I promised myself I had to throw out stuff before anything more comes in! We'll see how long I'm able to keep that promise. I haven't thrown much out yet!


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