July 15, 2012

Funky Friday Finds (On A Sunday, Just To Be Confusing)

Not of the thrifty vintage variety, but I did find some fun stuff while I was blog surfing this week that I wanted to share with you. And Blogger was giving me fits on Friday, so I'm posting it today (if the text after the video looks funky, then it is still giving me fits).

Run, don't walk over to My Desert Cottage for her 4th Annual Where Bloggers Create party that is up and running this weekend. It's a great peak into some very creative people's work spaces. You can find the blogs that are participating on her sidebar.

In my post about Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork I discussed the use of the words pop and soda. Did you know that someone has actually compiled data to show you who says pop and who says soda and where they live? There is some seriously mind blowing research being done at colleges today. Check out the Generic Names For Soft Drinks Map to see where your state falls in the great debate.

Don't want to buy the bride and groom a toaster? Wrap up a globe. I found a company called ImagineNations Globes that makes really neat things out of old globes. Now, I love vintage globes for their normal decorative and historic value, but these are out of this world (just a little planetary humor).

The Summer Kitchen Girls (some fellow Ohioans) introduced me to pothole gardens. Just what it sounds like - putting pretty gardens in ugly potholes. I am now addicted to The Pothole Gardener site. Check out this video of one of their garden installations.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
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  1. The map got us right we are "COKE" people Pam. The globe is too sweet. happy Sunday, Olive

  2. The pot hole gardens are awesome!
    Have a great Sunday, Pam!

  3. I just love the pothole gardens! Want to go make some. I love that people are making something pretty out of something ordinary.

  4. Great post. Love the globes and the pothole gardens are really wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The pothole gardens are fabulous. How fun. Yes, we are coke people too. Hugs, Marty

  6. Just as I suspected, Kato, it's "pop" in these here parts. Or as my dad used to call it "sodie pop".

    The pothole gardener clip is hysterical! I would need to buy out the garden centers to fill all the potholes in our roads! Northern MN is not a top priority for state road repairs.

    And the globe would make a wonderful gift. I'd love one myself! Thanks for the coffee time entertainment.

  7. I too am addicted to Pinterest :)

    I grew up a soda person but over the years of living in the midwest, have caved and become a pop person -- either way, Diet COKE is my poison :)

    Great recommendations Pam :)


  8. The pothole gardens are the best!

  9. I've never seen a pot hole garden. How interesting!

  10. Fun post! Love that globe and the pothole gardening!!!

  11. I love that globe. You find some of the most interesting things and you KNOW I have to go check out the pothole people! xo Diana

  12. Fun post, Pam...lots of interesting stuff! I'm a pop person, but when I visit my family in California, I call it soda! You have to speak the language, you know! I'd never heard of pothole gardens...if they did those around here in the spring, it would look like planted fields lol!

  13. I know I can always count on a chuckle when I come over here!


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