July 29, 2012

I'm On Fire

I attended an estate sale on Saturday. This was the second day of the sale and, since I couldn't attend the first day, I wasn't expecting much of the stuff I had seen in the ad to still be there. Even though I knew ahead of time that I wasn't going to get the good stuff, I was still hoping to find that little gem that other people had rushed past on the way to the bigger glitzy items.

But when I started looking around the house, I quickly realized that this was not my scene. About all that was left was a bunch of Snoopy figurines and tacky (not vintage, just plain tacky) Christmas ornaments. Bummer. But you snooze, you lose and I should have been there on Friday if I had my eye on something.

I decided to walk through the garage on the way out of the sale, because I was desperate to find something to make this trip worthwhile. A hammer. A nail. Anything at that point. Nope, nothing interesting.

Wait, what's that odd shaped canister attached to one of the wall studs? It was sort of dark in the garage and the item was roughly the same color as the wall stud, so I can see why the other 2,000 people who had come to the sale before me hadn't seen it. It's a small antique fire extinguisher.

It's around 12 inches tall. Not sure if it's copper or brass, but even though it looks a little rough right now, it should clean up (OK, a lot rough).

There was no price sticker on it, so I ran to find the guy with the apron on to see if it was actually for sale. It was! It should have been marked $20.00, but since it was the 1/2 price day at the sale, it was only $10.00.

He even unscrewed it from the wall for me.

Here comes the spooky part. The thing that had caught my eye in the online ad in the first place was a photo of two full size vintage fire extinguishers. I didn't need them, but had thought that if they were cheap I would buy one as a decorative item for the living room. Debbie at Debbiedoos has one in her living room and I always thought it was a neat, eclectic piece.

This was not one of the ones shown in the ad, but a much smaller version, but I am still taking this as a sign from someone up there in heaven (you know who you are!) that they were overseeing my shopping adventure on Saturday.

Now I just need to clean it up and I'll be all set to put out some fires!

Not really. My husband, the Junior Safety Patrol Marshall, is paranoid that since the thing is so old that it will spontaneously go off in the house one day, so we're removing the chemical from it. Killjoy. It will just be for looks.

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  1. Very cool- glad you emptied it, though. It could've gone off in the house and that would have been terrible to clean up. After all these years, it might even be toxic.
    Glad you found something that you were looking for.

  2. I think the size may even be better then the big ones. It is cute.

  3. I would kind of be worried about it blowing up or something too:)

  4. You have a great eye for the unusual. Congrats on a unique find!!!

  5. I'm wiping away a tear. I'm sure a special someone was looking out for you hoping that you'd find a special treasure to take home. It's full of character.

  6. Very nice! My grandfather used to work for that company years ago so I thought of him when I saw your post. Enjoy your new find!

  7. C'mon baby light my fire! The vintage label on that baby is is so neat...what an exceptioanl industrial retro piece! Did you empty it yet? Was it all gunk-y in there?

  8. Great find and quirky to have around. Especially with no more extinguisher adding to the corrosion.

  9. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I have two of the old copper ones that are full sized...well, I did have. I gave them to my son for his cottage/home. They are perfect by his mantle. I cleaned one up and left the other one as it was...all verdi green and oxidized. I think I like the small one even better! It will be darling no matter where you use it- xo Diana

  10. What a great piece!
    And the price... can't be beat with a stick~~~LOL!

    Just came to visit from Snooks, and love your blog!
    I'm now following you, and looking forward to reading your posts!!

    Hope this is a great week for you!!

    Smiles :)

  11. Your husband is a wise man. ERR on the side of caution. GREAT find. ENJOY!

  12. Great find! I love finding old items to decorate with. Some of my friends think I'm crazy, but I think its so awesome to own a piece of history. Don't you just love to wonder about who/what and where old items have been and seen?

  13. Great find, Pam! Love the old patina...and the graphics are wonderful!

  14. Pam,
    how cool is that, it made the trip
    worth it! Love odd things like that and sounds like a great price to me!

  15. Fun quirky piece! I know just how you feel, though. If I take the time to go to a sale, I WILL find something. Even if it's a 50 cent ornament. :@

  16. Well, I would have never thought of a great and wonderful find blowing up! I love its name and everything about it. Came over from Nifty thrifty.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  17. Well, that's fun...glad you found something to make your trip worth while :) Laurel


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