September 18, 2012

Bringing Back The Perky

I hope you don't mind a replay from last year around this time.

To be truthful, right now I feel like I'm drowning in the blogging world. I just can't seem to get myself organized, my house cleaned and my son to quit being sick. Then to get my mind off of all that stuff that I'm not doing well in real life, I sit down and check out some uber amazing and inspiring blogs so that I can feel inadequate in that arena too.

So anyhow, here's something pretty I did last year. You know, when I had my head about me and was all perky and shit.

Originally published on October 25, 2011

Last week I showed you the chippy metal toolbox that I bought at the farm sale HERE.

I spruced it up a little bit with some hydrangea. I have never left it on the bush this late in the season, but I am sort of liking its fall colors.

I found some ornamental kale on clearance for $1.00 each. Or is it cabbage? I'm not good with my vegetables.

The pumpkin that came with the toolbox came in handy. Maybe Sears should run that promo - Buy a toolbox, get a pumpkin. Why I never worked in marketing, I will never know. The marketing gurus know, I just don't know.

I am pretty sure my husband will think this is an embarrassingly girly way to use a toolbox. What do you think, should I chuck the flowers and just throw some wrenches and pliers in it?


  1. Tool boxes are in right now. I passed on up this summer, what was I thinking. Yours looks nice.
    Sorry you are not doing great. Hopefully soon things will feel better. You just need to go junkin. Less than three weeks to Rural Society. Are you going?

  2. @Debby - I'll be there. I missed out on Country Living Fair, Springfield and the Back Woods Festival this weekend, so I can't wait for the Rural Society Show to get my shopping fix.

  3. Pam, I loved this one last year. I wish I had the magic words to make it all better but there are no magic words. The juggling act of mothering, being a home maker, and blogging gets overwhelming. Perky sometimes is not in the play book. If I depended on my stats to cheer me I would surely be on Prozac. Not that you do that-just mine are depressing and I really cannot change who I am and what I do. I am not about to start painting furniture because that is not who I am. If I were there I would take you to lunch or bring you cake my friend. You are uniquely you and Joe and I adore your wit. We will always be here for you. E-mail me any time. I am house bound. love ya, Olive

  4. We've all been there, Pam. I hope you get to feeling perky soon. Try and do a little something for yourself, maybe that will help get the ball rolling. This was a great look for your toolbox.

  5. I feel your pain, Pam...hopefully things will take a turn for the better real soon. Although I must say, I tell myself that all the time and it never seems to happen ;) On a happier note, your post looks so pretty and so fallish too. Boy, those hydrangeas turned a nice color.

  6. I hear you, girl...we all have those times! I hope your son is feeling better (and you, too) soon! I loved this project and it is worth a replay! I'm definitely not perky here either...more like "where's the truck that just ran over me?" XO

  7. Sending you lots & lots of hugs... if there's anything I can do to help, just give me a shout.

  8. Thinking of you and your constant juggling act. Never apologize for your lack of blogging posts. I appreciate keeping it "real"...toolbox and all!

  9. Pam,don't be so hard on yourself. We all have times of being overwhelmed with all we do. The best thing is to sit back regroup and when you feel refreshed come back. Blogging shouldn't be a chore - the ppl who care will still be here when you come back - take care of you!

  10. I love your arrangement so much and I always love your posts! Your blog is one of my favorites, Pam.

  11. Hello. Get better, get the kid better and we'll see you then. Lovely arrangement.

  12. Hey, you can't always be perky. Just hang in there.

  13. Pam, I don't think you've realized where you "shine" in the blog world yet. You have an amazing tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and when you publish a new post I open it up knowing it will bring a smile to my face. And I didn't even mention your amazing photographs! I'd love to invite you over for a cup of coffee and gab session if you lived closer. :@


  14. Cannot believe you got those darn cabbages for only a buck!!!! Where were you? They cost $8 at the nursery, so I only bought one yesterday. I figured that the cost of gas and driving around to find those suckers, I was better off just paying the 8 bucks. LOL Your toolbox looks too cool! Hey, are you going to the Rural Society Show Oct. 5? Debby is meeting us up there and then we are hitting some other places. Hope we get to see ya if you decide to go up! :-) Sue

  15. Love those cabbages--they look so pretty. Love the toolbox idea. Sorry your son is still sick--that sucks. Your house is beautiful--you have nothing to feel inadequate about at all! I love your sense of humor--it shows through in your posts. Love your blog!

  16. Sorry about your son being sick. Hope that he feels better soon!

    Glad you posted this cute and
    Fall-ish post, too.
    Love that old toolbox!!

  17. Perky, smerky.

    Who needs perky all the time?

    We don't!

  18. Loved this last it again! I've got some wonderful hydrangeas in khaki & burgundy this year that would look great in my fall decorating~I think I might have to snip them off and use them inside!!
    Thanks for the awesome reminder Pam :)


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