September 30, 2012

Simple Sundays

I stopped at the farm market and picked up some apples this week. Gala apples.

I'll be honest here. I normally don't buy Gala apples.

I normally buy Golden Delicious apples. I love Golden Delicious. I have dreams about Golden Delicious. Golden Delicious apples are like candy to me.

Did I make it clear that I LOVE Golden Delicious apples?

But you know what? The skin on the Golden Delicious just doesn't shout Fall to me. It's a little spotty and a weak blah yellow color.

So I bought apples that I don't love. That I don't have dreams about. Because they would look better in this bowl when I photographed them for my Fall porch vignette.

I feel like I've cheated on my favorite apples because they weren't pretty enough.

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  1. Oh, maligning an apple! Galas beat Goldens hands down in kitchen. But Honey Crisp beat both. The only thing better than any old Honey Crisp is an Ohio Honey Crisp. The Wisconsin ones are OK when I'm there, though.

    And face it, fall is the time to sing the praise of any locally grown apple.

  2. Beautiful photos Pam! Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week. :)

  3. love that last shot--now I want an apple!

  4. You captured those apples beautifully!

  5. LOVELY apples and the color IS fall, I agree... my fav is HoneyCrisp apples... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #50!

  6. Honey, if that's all the cheating you've been doing, pat yourself on the back. I could tell you riveting stories... The red does look good in that bowl. We bloggers will do most anything for a good photo.

  7. Great minds and all that. I just wrote some thoughts in the same vein. The apples are lovely in the bowl which I covet. xo, olive

  8. It's like buying a cute pair of shoes that hurt your feet. They just look good!

  9. You are funny--these apples are very pretty. I'm such a lazy apple eatter--I like to buy those bags of already cut up ones. Weird thing is they aren't more expensive when you figure it out. Anyway--hope Max is still feeling well. My kids were sick last week. Hoping everyone will be able to go to school next week. :)

  10. Pretty apples and great pics! I'm sure those Gala apples would be wonderful in an apple pie:@)

  11. These apples have so many beautiful tones of red, orange yellow - no wonder artists in history loved to paint them. I love to eat them too... i eat at least three a day:) Great still life shot! You might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday too:)

  12. Oh those are so pretty! So glad you were able to capture the simple beauty that's all around. Gorgeous image!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  13. They are pretty apples! I like the little speckles. xx

  14. Love your pics of the apples in the bowl. Such pretty colors together. I'm suddenly so hungry for apples. The bowl looks like an antique.

  15. not cheating, actually, just hiring these beauties on to do
    a photo op:)
    (creating more jobs!)
    enjoy your beautiful bowl
    with your for the soul.
    and thanks for passing along
    the gift to us,

  16. So you sold your soul for the Galas? Shame! Lol.

    They are a pretty fall apple, I have to admit.

    Thanks so much for sharing at YSB this week. xo

  17. You're so funny. Turn the galas into apple cake or pie. I actually like galas a lot.

  18. Love the photos. They do look gorgeous. I too am a Golden Deliscious fan (although I am only a recent convert). Next time, look for JonaGold. It is a mix of Jonathan and Golden Deliscious. All of the beauty of the Johathan and most of the yum of Goldens.

    -Lois in SWPA

  19. They look good in that pretty brown bowl!

  20. Lois - Thanks for the tip, I check out the JonaGolds.

  21. LOL! My husband absolutely loves golden delicious too so that is normally what we buy but I'm totally with ya on the Gala's just looking much more "Fall". Oh, the things we sacrifice for beauty, right? ;-)


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