October 11, 2012

Orange and Turquoise for Fall

When I was unpacking my Fall decor this year, I kept walking around the house with a handful of my fake-ola Fall leaves trying to find an appropriate vase to put them in. I wanted to use them in my Fall decor, but I had used them so often in past years that they just seemed old and dated to me. And boring with a capital B!

Yes Pam, it's Fall and we're leaves. Yippity do da!

I walked past my wooden ice cream bucket in the living room and threw them in it just to free up my hands, so I could finish up with some other decorating. And the next thing I knew I was digging the color combination.

So much so that I put my concoction on my kitchen table.

Orange and turquoise. Who would have thought?

Well, Howard Johnson's for one.

Seems like I'm a good 50 years too late for that color combo to make headlines.

Fried clams anyone?

Did you see the Mad Men episode when Don Draper and Megan visited a HoJo's? Loved it. And loved Megan's chevron pattern jacket. That whole show is one big helping of vintage goodness (with a scoop of excessive smoking, drinking and sex on top).

Speaking of turquoise, here's a little turquoise velvet pumpkin that I bought from Polly's shop, Georgie Emerson Vintage, the other day.

I had already bought the fabric for my pumpkins at that point, but fell in love with the little turquoise guy, so I picked him up as inspiration to get off my butt and make some of my own.

I like the wooden twig stem idea, because no pumpkins were hurt in the making of this one (I felt a little bad for popping off the stems of perfectly good pumpkins for mine).

So have you tried adding a little turquoise into your Fall decor?

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  1. Totally love the color combination. Your ice cream bucket really is the perfect container for your fall leaves. Brilliant.

  2. Love, love, love Pam!! Those colors are hot right now too. I love the aquas from the 50s-60s. I thought about how incredible the blue sky looks with fall colors too.

  3. I love this color combination. I did my living room in these colors for fall and I adore it. Your bucket is perfect and so is the cute velvet pumpkin. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love it, too, Pam! I have an old aqua colored cookie jar filled with orange flowers on my table right now! Must be my inner Howard Johnson's desire calling to me lol! We always had to stay in the mom and pop motels!

  5. Accidental decorating can sometimes be the best, Pam! That worked out really well and it looks great on your table. Leaves and a bucket ~ who knew it could look so good for Fall!

  6. Your turquoise bucket is wonderful paired with orange. I am pretty much in the orange white mode for some reason. My Halloween stuff is not getting unpacked for the most part. I am not feeling it. xo, olive

  7. Orange and cobalt blue is good too. Your combination is better than Howard Johnsons. LOL!

  8. I love turquoise and decorate with it all the time. I love turquoise with orange. Really thats the only time I like orange is with turquoise.:)

  9. Happy Autumn! Turquoise and orange is an awesome combination of colors.


  10. Great decor.
    I am behind right now. Decor going up soon.

    M :)

  11. I think my favorite vintage item ever (that I own)is my turquoise enamelware pitcher. I have bittersweet in it and I think it's so awesome. :o) I love your bucket and the color combo is very hip! Good job.

  12. What a great bucket! I love it with the leaves. The colors look so good together because they're opposites on the color wheel, making them complementary colors. I took a photo of my son at the park the other day while he was sitting in this big blue ball thing and he was wearing an orange shirt...the colors just pop right out. Hope you have a great weekend, Pam :)

  13. Turquoise and orange (well, really, blue and orange) are complimentary colors, so your pairing is perfect! I am just about to start adding orange into my fall decor. So far, all I have is turquoise and neutrals... http://belljarvintage.blogspot.com/2012/09/oh-hello-fall.html
    Blues in all shades just make me happy. That seems contradictory, doesn't it?
    Newest follower! :)

  14. Hi Pam, PERFECT color combo. love the great bucket and leaves, just perfect for Fall!!!

  15. Love the orange and turquoise together. I placed a pumpkin set up at my pool, and realized how incredible the two colors look together. Nice little blog here.

  16. It is such a vibrant color combo! My son's bedroom is light blue with orange stripes and our finished basement has a whole orange wall and a large orange stripe running around the other 3 walls- and, the couch is blue!

  17. I love orange with violet!


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