July 31, 2012

Can I Be Frank Here?

When I found Frank hanging out on the front porch, we started feeding him, making sure he had water and gave him a safe, dry place to sleep. But he was such a lovable kitty that it was obvious that he belonged to someone else and we wanted to try to find his real parents. I always had a vision of some little girl being very upset that her kitty was missing.

So I took him to the vet to get him scanned for a microchip (he had none). We put some ads up online, posters around town and notified all the vet offices that we had found a Siamese cat. But it's been well over a month now and his real parents never surfaced. The only people who contacted us about him may not have had his best interest in mind (let's just say that not all cat "rescue" groups are non-profit or legitimate).

After much consideration and heartache, we decided to find Frank a new permanent home. As much as I'd love to keep him around here, our animals have never gotten to the point that we felt that they were going to accept Frank into the family. Otis has been hiding under a bed all day and Lacey would love to have Frank over for dinner. She's actually quite aggressive about trying to get at Frank and it's a little scary.

We felt it best that Frank go to a family that could fully integrate him into their home, pet him tons more than I was able to (he is a lovey dovey cat) and allow him to live without fear of being chased by a dog all day long. All cats should have the freedom to walk in their own home without being in constant fear.

So today Frank is going home with one of my husband's coworkers. I'm more than a little sad about it, but it is really is the best thing for him. He's a great cat and deserves a great life, even if it's not with us.

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July 29, 2012

I'm On Fire

I attended an estate sale on Saturday. This was the second day of the sale and, since I couldn't attend the first day, I wasn't expecting much of the stuff I had seen in the ad to still be there. Even though I knew ahead of time that I wasn't going to get the good stuff, I was still hoping to find that little gem that other people had rushed past on the way to the bigger glitzy items.

But when I started looking around the house, I quickly realized that this was not my scene. About all that was left was a bunch of Snoopy figurines and tacky (not vintage, just plain tacky) Christmas ornaments. Bummer. But you snooze, you lose and I should have been there on Friday if I had my eye on something.

I decided to walk through the garage on the way out of the sale, because I was desperate to find something to make this trip worthwhile. A hammer. A nail. Anything at that point. Nope, nothing interesting.

Wait, what's that odd shaped canister attached to one of the wall studs? It was sort of dark in the garage and the item was roughly the same color as the wall stud, so I can see why the other 2,000 people who had come to the sale before me hadn't seen it. It's a small antique fire extinguisher.

It's around 12 inches tall. Not sure if it's copper or brass, but even though it looks a little rough right now, it should clean up (OK, a lot rough).

There was no price sticker on it, so I ran to find the guy with the apron on to see if it was actually for sale. It was! It should have been marked $20.00, but since it was the 1/2 price day at the sale, it was only $10.00.

He even unscrewed it from the wall for me.

Here comes the spooky part. The thing that had caught my eye in the online ad in the first place was a photo of two full size vintage fire extinguishers. I didn't need them, but had thought that if they were cheap I would buy one as a decorative item for the living room. Debbie at Debbiedoos has one in her living room and I always thought it was a neat, eclectic piece.

This was not one of the ones shown in the ad, but a much smaller version, but I am still taking this as a sign from someone up there in heaven (you know who you are!) that they were overseeing my shopping adventure on Saturday.

Now I just need to clean it up and I'll be all set to put out some fires!

Not really. My husband, the Junior Safety Patrol Marshall, is paranoid that since the thing is so old that it will spontaneously go off in the house one day, so we're removing the chemical from it. Killjoy. It will just be for looks.

Linking with Southern Hospitality's Today's Thrifty Treasures, Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday, Knick of Times's Knick of Time Tuesday.

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July 28, 2012

The Great Corn Hunt Continues

Each summer we test out all the local farmers' corn to try to find the ultimate ear of corn on the cob. It's sort of a summer tradition for us. (My 20 year old self would have died laughing at my 50 year old self and her exciting hobbies.)

So far this summer the local corn has been a disappointment, so we set out last Sunday afternoon to expand our search area. We drove twenty miles out of the way, down winding country roads, passing many other farm markets on the way, to go to a specific farm stand. This was smack dab in the middle of nowhere, USA and, just by the looks of the place, should have had THE corn. I don't trust shiny new farm stands and this one was anything but.

But alas, it did not have THE corn. Not even a close runner up. Way too mushy and an embarrassment to all self-respecting farmers out there. (OK, maybe a little tough on the guy. Who knows, maybe the farmer has some strange starch digesting disease and hasn't even tasted his own corn).

We do have a major corn field right behind our house. I look at it each and every day, but I'm pretty sure it's not of the people-can-eat variety.

This is what I deal with when I take things outside to photograph. One dog snooping around my tomato (she licked it, but didn't bite it) and the other dog sniffing butt. I was hoping for a rabbit to run through the yard to distract them, but I ended up throwing a tennis ball to get them out of my hair for a few minutes, so I could take some photos.

How is the corn in your area? Have you found the perfect ear yet?

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July 26, 2012


The gorillas at the zoo yesterday seemed a little sad.

A little bored.

A little pensive.

I wanted to go hug them, but thought they might want to hug me back too hard. Or eat my face off. Something like that.

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July 23, 2012

Brownies Under Glass

I see so many cloches in decorating, but I've never had a real cloche myself. I must say that I've been having a little cloche envy.

I still don't own a real cloche, but I do have the glass cake dome that I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago and a footed silver platter that I bought at a thrift store last year. And together they are cloche-like. Cloche-esque. Cloche-ish.

The problem with using a cake dome as a cloche is that it is hard to photograph what's inside it. The thick glass by the handle was distorting the view all the heck, so I pulled the top off to show you the Kodak Brownie Starlet camera (manufactured 1956), some Kodak film canisters and a Scrabble game sign.

Oh, where you thinking I had this kind of brownies under glass?

I guess that would make more sense, but a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips and all that jazz. My hips sure don't need any extra padding.

I added my Kodak Baby Brownie camera, Special Edition (manufactured 1939 - 1954)

and my Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 (manufactured from 1946 - 1955) to the vignette.

I think these kind of Brownies are the yummiest kind of all.

OK, that sounds all nice for the post and all, but let's be real - that box of brownies will be calling my name all day.

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July 20, 2012

Time Is Flying

Can you believe it's the middle of July already? I don't know where this summer has gone, but it's quickly slipping through my hot sweaty fingers. It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

(Funky vintage perpetual desk calendar/mail holder I found at the antique mall for $1)

I'll be blogging a little slower in the next few weeks until school starts up again for my son in mid August. At the beginning of summer, we made a summer bucket list and so far we have checked off very few items on it and I'm feeling a whopping case of Mom guilt. I've got some ball parks to visit and some fairs to attend, so I may be doing a lot of posts with little commentary (quit applauding) and lots of photos.

Have a great weekend and try to get some good thrifting in!

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July 16, 2012

Back From Camp

My son is back from summer camp in one piece and it appears that he had a great time. He got to go canoeing, fishing and play archery. According to the counselor, swimming was his favorite activity in the whole wide world (which we pretty much knew it would be). He even got an award for having the best smile at camp. I think it's one of those cases of everyone gets an award, but I won't tell him that.

An unexpected bonus from the camping experience was that, after I stopped being whiny about my son being gone, my husband and I did get to go out and do some stuff that we don't normally do.

Lots of eating out at restaurants and shopping. We even went to a bar! OK, it was a restaurant on a lake that sold alcohol, but it was as close to a bar as I've been in years.

FYI, this covered bridge is in a park not far from here and has nothing to do with camp. I just wanted some outdoorsy photos for the post. I think that is called using artistic license.

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July 15, 2012

Funky Friday Finds (On A Sunday, Just To Be Confusing)

Not of the thrifty vintage variety, but I did find some fun stuff while I was blog surfing this week that I wanted to share with you. And Blogger was giving me fits on Friday, so I'm posting it today (if the text after the video looks funky, then it is still giving me fits).

Run, don't walk over to My Desert Cottage for her 4th Annual Where Bloggers Create party that is up and running this weekend. It's a great peak into some very creative people's work spaces. You can find the blogs that are participating on her sidebar.

In my post about Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork I discussed the use of the words pop and soda. Did you know that someone has actually compiled data to show you who says pop and who says soda and where they live? There is some seriously mind blowing research being done at colleges today. Check out the Generic Names For Soft Drinks Map to see where your state falls in the great debate.

Don't want to buy the bride and groom a toaster? Wrap up a globe. I found a company called ImagineNations Globes that makes really neat things out of old globes. Now, I love vintage globes for their normal decorative and historic value, but these are out of this world (just a little planetary humor).

The Summer Kitchen Girls (some fellow Ohioans) introduced me to pothole gardens. Just what it sounds like - putting pretty gardens in ugly potholes. I am now addicted to The Pothole Gardener site. Check out this video of one of their garden installations.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
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