January 16, 2013

A Guest Post

I've always had the utmost respect for nurses. They are some of the most dedicated and hard working people I know, so I was super excited when my friend Sandy offered to do a guest post for me on my blog.

Hi, my name is Nurse Sandy.

Pam asked me to write a blog post for you today. The poor thing doesn't have the most up to date equipment here though, so I'll do the best I can.

I thought I'd tell you a little about myself. A monkey tale, if you will.

Some say I was named after Hurricane Sandy, but since that only happened a few months ago and I am a much more mature nurse, I can't quite figure out how that happened.

I used to be stationed at the Red Cross in Northern Minnesota with a sweet woman name Vickie. She writes a blog called Ranger 911.

There were lots of my kind at Vickie's house because she sort of has a thing for sock monkeys. She has us all over her house.

source - Ranger 911

And let me tell you, she was one fun woman. Lots and lot of shenanigans were had at her house!

Until the whole monkeys on the bed incident. It seems that someone was egging on five of my monkey friends to jump on the bed. I said no, no more jumping on the bed!

source - Ranger 911

Well, they didn't listen to me and a few of them bumped their heads.

I tried to patch them up as well as I could, but I guess Vickie thought I was the cause of all the bedroom trouble, so next thing you know she was shipping me off to Ohio.

That is how I came to live with Pam.

And there is a lot to do here in Ohio, with the flu season upon us and lots of people needing their shots.

The very minute I climbed out of my box, Pam put me straight to work.

So far I haven't gotten out of the house to see much of the Buckeye state (what the heck is a Buckeye anyway?) But after the flu season passes, I'll be able to go check out some thrift stores with Pam and maybe have a few drinks at one of the local monkey bars. Might even get all dolled up and go to the Columbus Zoo and meet me a prime mate.

If you have a second, go over to Ranger 911 and tell Vickie that I'm doing OK here in Ohio and that I miss her. Pam told me that Vickie might have a new monkey at her house now. Hope the new girl doesn't get in tight with the bed jumping crew!

Thank you for guest posting today, Nurse Sandy.

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  1. Too cute! I wonder whatever became of the sock monkeys I made my kids when they were little? Not nearly as cute as your nurse monkey though!

  2. Oh I forgot that Pam won the nurse. She is so fun!

  3. I remember that you won her. Love her medical bag. So cute. What a cute story. Little does Vickie know that she will surely get into trouble following her new owner around town.

  4. That Pam...such a hard taskmaster...putting you to work right away! You are looking good, though...go find that prime mate!

  5. It's been a long day, and reading this cracked me up! I'm glad to see Nurse Sandy is earning her keep. It seems she arrived just in time to help out during the peak flu season. And she's got REAL medical supplies, too!! Oh, I know the two of you are going to have many fun adventures in the land of Ohio. Thanks for the entertaining post, Pam. :@

  6. ADORABLE! Love this post, had me grinning the whole time. Nurse Sandy sounds like a lot of fun and I just love her. Great post, girl. Going over to check out her friends. You might want to keep her away from the zoo...

  7. AWWWW Sweet post thanks for the smiles!!!

  8. Oh my gosh - cutest guest post EVer! LOL

  9. The two of you are definitely going to create some mischief together. Darling post, Pam. Sandy is delightful!

  10. What a fun post certainly makes me smile thanks1

  11. Way too funny!
    Sandy is the first sock monkey
    that was cute.

    M :)

  12. Hee hee hee. Great job on the post Sandy; glad to see you're settled in! Wilhelmina sends her regards and now wants me to let HER do a guest post. I think I'll keep her skates on... that way I know I'll hear her when she tries to make her way to the computer.

    Have a wonderful time with Pam and don't let her get you into any more trouble! :)

  13. Oh my goodness I nearly peed my pants your witty monkey. Nurses have a special place in my heart you know.

  14. The first thing i thought when I started reading was that Vickie must be involved somehow. Ha! So clever and funny! Now, just make sure Nurse Sandy doesn't revert to her old bed jumping habits with that syringe in her hand! Love this post. That photo of the monkey's jumping on the bed is too funny! And I'm also partial to the one of the snow angel in the collage. So much fun.

  15. Too funny. My little guy has a sock monkey that he loves, we call him butt face. He also has sock monkey hat, I thought he wouldn't wear it to school because the kids might make fun of him, but he has no problem with that. I hope your son is feeling better, ear aches are the worst.

  16. I'm cracking up right now, I can't STOP!! Does Nurse Sandy do house calls?
    Too cute a post. To think, mine was about hand washing. Sandy would approve.
    xxx Liz


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