Hello Birdie

Typewriters, birds, pinecones.

They all sort of go together in my eclectic eye.

After Christmas I didn’t know exactly what to do with my entryway table, so I removed the obviously Christmas decor (letter to Santa and mini nativity set) and plopped down a bird statue.


I figure once Winter is gone (soon, please), I’ll replace the greenery in my vintage Hull vase with tulips or something equally as Springy.

Anyone else freezing their buns off today? I’m planning on staying inside, building a roaring fire in the wood stove and having a mug of nice hot tomato soup for lunch. Might also throw in a steamy cup of cocoa for good measure.

Thanks for all the input on my Infant Jesus Of Prague statue. I have decided to keep and enjoy Him for the time being. I do think we’re meant to find things at certain times in our lives for a reason (well, not like finding a wooden coat hanger at the thrift store has any meaning to it, but you know what I mean).

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    Love how you dressed your entry table. Your birdie looks right at home! And yes I’m freezing! My city was the coldest capital in the world yesterday!!!

  2. says

    Looks pretty and hope you stay warm there. Heard you got snow again…we are cold, snow coming in tonight, so more headed your way.
    Wind chill is 2 above here. Too cold for me! Playing inside today.

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    Love that creamy Hull vase with the bird. I will not tell you how sunny and warm it is here today but on the flip side it is windy and it hurt my flipping eyes. So I stayed inside and made lemon curd coffee cake. Stay warm lovey.

  4. says

    Oh, I disagree. I think it’s a sign that you’re “hanging” out at the right places.

    It’s so cold here that I plunked my tulips in a pitcher to make me think it’s warm in our house. Time to remote the gas fireplace!

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    I love your bird and he is a pretty BIG bird when I see him next to something else. It is cold here, too….too cold! Glad you are keeping your statue. I think you are meant to have him- xo Diana

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    Your bird looks perfect with the vase and pine cones! I wish it was colder over here our high was 82 today! I didn’t get a chance to wear my new boots ;(

  7. says

    In my mind’s eye all your little bits and pieces go together too. Ohhh it is so cold here! When I see Marissa’s comment about it being 82 I think to myself about how that is just not fair…I’d trade places with her in a minute :)

  8. says

    I am laughing at the comment on my post you just left. It IS ironic that the post Blogher decides to share with the world is the one about my total lack of confidence in my blogging self!
    I love your profile picture, by the way.
    Hey, if I took that good of a picture, I wouldn’t have had to go through, like, 12 pictures of myself.:)

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