January 15, 2013

Just Saying . . .

If your dog is fat . . . quote

A subtle reminder, just in case you were beginning to forget about your New Year's resolution (the graphic is from The Graphics Fairy and I added the quote myself).

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my son had been battling an ear infection over the weekend. AND WE'RE STILL DEALING WITH IT!!!

What? Was I yelling?

Truthfully, I tend to deal with the more monumental problems that can come along with a kid with disabilities a whole lot easier than I do with these normal, everyday, run of the mill illnesses. These small things get to me and truly test my SpongeBob watching abilities.

But I have someone special who has offered to do a guest post for me tomorrow. I've never had a guest poster before and I'm super excited, so I hope you'll welcome her with open arms!

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  1. Get well wishes sent to you son, ear infections are not fun. Will check in tomorrow and see who your guest blogger is.

  2. Ear infections hurt and can be difficult to treat. I pray he improves rapidly. Guest poster? Cool. Thanks for your comment today.

  3. I hope he feels better soon. My son was impossible when he was sick. He had an ear infection a couple weeks ago. I can only take so much Sponge Bob.......I don't envy you there.

  4. Hope your son feels better really soon - just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet note! I love the turquoise pom poms you made, they are so much fun!! Have a great day!

  5. Hoping your son feels better soon. Take care and enjoy Spongebob.

  6. This is so funny.. Love the humor! I hurt my hand so, I've been absent. Eeek, this stinks ;(
    I'm watching your posts my Friend.
    xxx Liz

  7. Love the picture and the quote! I'm not very good with routine childhood illnesses either! Find it very stressful. Get well wishes to your son.

  8. Pam I hope your son is feeling better soon. Sick children take a toll on all. Sending hugs, Linda

  9. I hope everyone starts to feel better soon! That I the worst!

    I do however, love that little dog graphic you added to. So cute and so true.

    Take care, and hopefully he gives you a break from spongebob tomorrow. ;)

  10. As someone who has battled ear infections for decades, I can commiserate with your son. Ear infections are so very painful and it seems as if it will never end.

    Cute graphic - may share this with my dog park buddies?

  11. Praying for you and your son. I have those ear infections a lot and I know they are not fun, but SpongeBob doesn't sound like fun, either.
    Can't wait to see who stops by here tomorrow. Get some rest and it will all be over soon. These kids heal up faster than we do.

  12. I hope your son is feeling better.
    There is so much stuff going around.

    Take care.

    M :)

  13. I hope your son gets well soon! Ear infections are no fun.

  14. LOL tru dat! Hope your son if feeling better soon.

  15. I forget Sponge Bob is the new Barney-they both would try my patience ;-)
    I'll pray your babe gets better soon-ear infections are so difficult.

  16. ear infections are not fun!! Hope he is well soon. My grand-daughter got an ear infection when she visited last summer. We had to take her to one of those special care places since I don't have a pediatrician anymore. She was so sick and her whole face was swollen. No fun! Get well soon little one

  17. I hope your son is feeling better, Pam. Our 2 year old granddaughter just spent 2 days in the hospital with an URI. This is a bad time of year everywhere.

  18. Hope your son is soon fully recovered! It's so much harder to tackle illnesses with a special needs child. Thinking of you.


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