February 28, 2013

Red Solo Cups

Just in case you think I collect white vases willy-nilly, I do actually use them.

I bought some live pussy willows yesterday at the grocery store and put them in my latest acquisition.

I used to rub these on my face when I was a kid. They feel like rabbit feet. Or cat's feet, I guess (hence the name). But who would rub a cat's foot on their face! Sounds unhygienic with the whole cat litter issue and all.

Cheap tip of the day - do you ever buy a vintage vase and you're not sure if the pottery is still watertight? I just slide one of those red solo cups (not just for beer) into the vase and fill that with water. You can actually use your vase as a vase without the worry of the water leaking out. A win-win all around.

I dare you not to hum Red Solo Cup the rest of the day.

Red solo cup
I fill you up
    Let's have a party . . .

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  1. That's a great idea, Pam! And the pussy willows are so pretty...makes me think spring really is just around the corner!

  2. I have never seen real pussywillows for sale. I want some. I like your vase. I pick up vases and flowerpots all the time.

  3. Thats a great idea, it also keeps away any staining. I love pussy willows!

  4. Pussy willows are on the list to purchase this weekend. I need a good dose of spring. Love your plastic cup trick.

  5. I grew up near a Solo cup factory. The entrance was a giant Solo cup you walked through. It is still there but not owned by `Solo anymore. The pussy willow looks great in the McCoy.

  6. Can I use a blue solo cup instead? lol OMG-isn't that something a blond MIGHT ask though?;>) xo Diana

    ps. GREAT idea!

  7. Nice tip. I'm sure the color of the cup doesn't matter. Right?

  8. Oh great. Now I have that song stuck onmy head. For the rest of the day...!!

  9. ....and now I can't get that song outta my head......;)

  10. Great idea, Miss Non-Willy-Nilly White Vase Queen. Love it and the pussy willows! :)

  11. I hope Suzan from simply vintageous follows you so she has that song in her head. Yesterday her song had barely left my mind and in her response she dropped a a new song in it.
    Ok, I'm a red head but can I use my orange solo cups? ;-)

  12. What a smart idea!
    They look so Springy.

    M :)

  13. Why didn't I think of this? What a clever idea.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)


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