February 3, 2013

Thrifty And Super Easy Valentine's Day Garland

Emphasis on the EASY part.

I tend to gravitate toward crafts that can be made in an hour or two. Much longer than that and it will sit unfinished until I finally throw it away two years later.

Really. I'm just about to give up on a sheet music wreath that I started prior to Christmas in 2011.

So this a project for all of us creatively challenged people that still want to feel a tad bit crafty and want to be finished before our can of Coke Zero gets warm (insert cup of coffee if you must).

I printed out some vintage Valentine images that I found on The Graphic Fairy's site. Love that girl!

And I used mini clothespins that I bought at Walmart to attach them to my hand crocheted string. You can just use a plain piece of string, but I wanted it a little thicker, so hence the crocheted chain.

Embroidered paper heart doilies were hung between the vintage images. I bought the plain paper hearts from Hobby Lobby and "embroidered" around them with crochet thread. They have the paper heart doilies all over the place this time of year for right around $1 a pack.

I displayed it on my turquoise dresser.

Voila. Done in record speed and cute to boot.

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  1. Now we're talkin'!
    This is something I think I can do.
    Thank you for the info. on how to make this cute garland.

  2. Unfinished craft projects?! Don't even go there! I'm trying to stick to smaller projects myself, since I have so many big home projects hanging over my head.

    Your garland is very festive looking against your turquoise dresser and the hand crocheted chain is the piece de resistance! (better with accent marks)

  3. Sometimes projects don't have to be hard to be cute. I like the garland, Pam.

  4. I like easy projects, they're the best kind!! Very cute!!

  5. Fabulous garland. I especially love it against your turquoise dresser. Nicely done, Pam.

  6. Cute, Pam! And, it's a quickie! Now you're ready to party!

  7. so pretty! and so simple thanks for sharing..

  8. Oh that is cute! I might try your garland. I will have to use ribbon because I don't know how to crochet, but the rest looks easy and pretty. Very good inspiration. I love paper heart doilies.

  9. Thanks for the great tip! Love the blue cabinet the garland is displayed on!

  10. I love this project! Vintage style valentines are always a hit with me. Oh and I'm in firmly in the "reproduce project" camp. Original idea's do not come from me. LOL.

  11. It's adorable and looks so good against the color of your dresser. I love quick and easy projects too:-)

  12. This is so charming, Pam! And I really love the embroidered heart idea!

  13. Love this by the way! You're one crafty lady Pam!
    Still no blogger.. can't upload or post. Bummer :(
    Have a great night,
    xxx Liz

  14. Very cute. I really like that dresser!

  15. You think this wasn't crafty or very creative? Ha! You had me at crochet. :-o

    Looks fantastic!

  16. Love your garland and cabinet. So cheerful - and such unique things to hang!

  17. Absolutely LOVE this garland, Pam! And I love YOUR love of vintage images too! :) Pinning!


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