Vintage Valentines

My son’s school was called off today, except we never got the phone call.

So at 6:45 AM (like as in really freaking early in the morning) we were waiting outside the house in the cold and snow.

Waiting on a bus that never came.

And being the intelligent person that I am, it took me over half an hour to figure out something was up.

So I won’t be going to see Safe Haven today. Josh will have to wait until tomorrow!

Anyhow, enough about my day. Hope you’re having a wonderful, warm Valentine’s Day!

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  1. says

    “I’m flighty over you” would be perfect for my BIL who is a pilot. They are all darling. I love the way you photographed them. Too bad you did not get a phone call. xo, olive

  2. says

    Sorry for that wild start to your morning. Who wants to stand outside at that hour!! I love how you shot your vintage valentines. Magazine worthy. Sending you a few Valentines (((hugs)))

  3. says

    Man, you had to get Max ready and waited in the cold. That stinks. By then you were both wide awake. I told my hubby that is all I wanted for Valentines Day was to see the same movie. Did you read the book. It was so good I can’t wait to see the movie. Hope you can go tomorrow.

  4. says

    The husband and I will be taking in this movie as well as the Bruce Willis one. We’ll be we’ll-rounded! A little love…. A little action…. We’ll hit the $5 special next Wednesday. I’m a cheap date!

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