February 12, 2014

Turning Over A New Snowball

You know what? Screw the snow.

Screw the cold weather.

Screw the school snow days.

And better yet, screw the whining about all of the above.

I'm done whining. No. More. Whining.

Nothing I can do about it, so I am turning over a new snowball leaf.

So let's put on our happy faces and take a look at some photos I took in the early fall. Back when it was 80 degrees and there was this thing called grass on the ground.

Cow in the field at the farm

You know, green stuff. About 2 inches high. Tickles your toes. Ringing a bell?

Leaves were just about ready to start falling.

Beautiful Fall Foliage

Apples were ripe for the picking.

Apples on the tree

Chickens still roamed the earth.

Chicken checking us out

OK, so they're not exactly extinct or anything, but what they heck do they do in the wintertime?

I mean, the snow will melt and summer will get here eventually, right. It happens every year like clockwork. No use complaining about it.

Oh, wait. There was that year without a summer.

Yep, back in 1816, summer forgot to make an appearance. Frost and snow continued through August. Ruined the food supply and all that.

Go ahead, Google it. Google does not lie.

But, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen again. Not 100% sure, but pretty sure.

What do you think, Bessie?

Cow giving us the eye

Side note - I was so excited to be so close to the cow and take this photo until I realized it was peeing. Just standing there peeing. Like it's normal to pee two foot from someone.

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  1. OH those photos are inviting! Even winter-loving me is already dreaming of the lake this year...

  2. Yes! I love the green. :) Thank you!

    One time I was dating a guy and we went out into his pasture. I could hear water running and asked what that waterfall sound was. He looked at me like I was insane and told me it was a cow peeing! We didn't date for long. :)

  3. Really great pictures. Normally, I wouldn't be whining so much with the winter. Trying to build a house during this has been quite the problem. So we are REALLY not happy.


    1. Oh, no. Hope the weather starts cooperating with your house! I imagine you can't wait to get into it!

  4. We had sun yesterday. It was a miracle. I almost forgot what sunshine was with all this gray overcast winter weather.

    PS. You needed to warn me. Your brilliant writing always has me in stitches. Now, that I have "real" stitches across my abdomen, that last photo and the lines about peeing had me holding my sides. Naughty!

    1. Oh, no. Sorry about the stitches! I remember those days after my c-section. I had caught a cold while I was in the hospital and I would about pass out whenever I would cough. I'll warn you next time!

  5. Great pictures. Refreshing too.
    Spring will return... I'm hoping sooner than later :)

  6. Chickens once roamed the Earth.
    That made me laugh out loud.

  7. The antebellum barn sale has been cancelled.

    1. Oh, no. You mean there was a sale in Ohio that I did not know about? I may have to give up my shopping crown :)

  8. Because of all the snow. Can you imagine. The cow looks a bit distracted.

  9. I am not to the point of joking, and certainly have not reached sanguinity, so I'm happy to have stopped by here.

  10. I SO want to get out in the country and take some cow pics. Not a cow peeing though. Love the fall pics!

  11. LOL- Oh- how nice to see those photos of somthing warm...even if it is warm pee (which was UNseen-thank you). Great post, Pam! xo Diana

  12. Oh, my gosh, this really had me chuckling..it's true about Chickens roaming the earth...ours just stay in the coop and look with great hatred at the constant snow...I have that same look on my face these days too...If I had a peeing cow, even that would be entertainment with all of this gray...thanks for cheering me up!

  13. We have three seasons on the Coast of Oregon~~~Misting Rain~~~Pouring Rain~~~and Upside Down Monsoon Rain~~~and once in a blue moon we get white rain. I know how sick of the rain we all get out here, so you guys must be really tired of all that white stuff.

  14. LOVED this post. Made me smile. Then I broke out laughing when I read about the pee.

  15. Love this! Yep, nothing you can do about it except wait for spring and summer....hopefully it won't be a repeat of 1816. Bessie has no manners.

  16. I'm sure Bessie is hoping for some warmer weather too!

  17. Perfect timing! I just referenced one of your fall posts! Still love your sense of humor!!!

  18. You've given me hope, Pam :-) I will take the days of "Ugh, its so hot outside" to this crap the country is dealing with now. We have had to major snowstorms. In Oregon. NEVER happens. So you would think I would be loving it. Uh, no. Being housebound with my kids and their friends who are constantly whining because they are hungry and bored? No thanks. I will sweat it out in 100 degree weather any day. At least I am able to escape then, huh?


  19. Hahaha, I did the same thing, on a smaller scale! Good to visit!

  20. Great pictures!! Spring and summer will eventually get here….eventually!
    Stay warm!!

  21. What a fun post. I know winter has really hit a lot of people hard. Our snow melted yesterday and temperatures went up but things could change before winter is over. The cow shots were great and those apples were so pretty.

  22. You are so funny--and I love your cow picture--and especially love the cow was peeing when you took the picture :) I am ready for some pretty spring days!

  23. I know how you feel. We are all sick and tired of snow & ice and below zero weather.
    I have been under the weather so have enjoyed staying home from work and just looking out the window at all the snow. I have good neighbors who have kept my drive and walk cleared.
    What a great picture of that pretty cow and grass LOL we will see this again

  24. Way, way, way too funny.

    Great pics.

    M : )

  25. Love this! Glad you made me laugh (and stop whining) about the weather! ;)


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