Colorful Spring Front Porch

I wanted to do a little something different with my porch this spring. Shake it up a bit.

Vintage spring front porch decor

Truth be told (and why in the heck wouldn’t I tell the truth) I don’t normally decorate the porch for spring per se.

I’m normally a summer, fall and winter porch decorator. Or would that be porch-orator?

Vintage spring front porch decor

I mean, this is Ohio. Spring is sort of fleeting and sketchy. It’s unpredictable.

But with the crummy winter weather we along with most of the country had, I was itching to get some color on the porch.

And what’s more colorful than a bright yellow, all up in your face, spring has sprung, table!

Vintage spring front porch decor

And a vintage metal picnic basket full of pansies.

Pansies in a vintage metal picnic basket

I hung my cabinet door that I had painted with green chalk paint on the wall.

Vintage spring front porch decor

And added a thrifted tray for added interest. At least I hope it adds interest?

Black tray as part of vintage spring front porch decor

I had made these pillow coverings a few weeks ago and sort of forgot to measure the pillows before I started sewing.

I know. That is a pretty obvious step to overlook.

Vintage spring front porch decor

So they are a little baggier than I would like, but the chances of me actually re-sewing them are slim to none. Hopefully baggy pillows will be the new “in” look this year.

Vintage spring front porch decor

All my past porch posts can be found by clicking on the photos below. Most of them have at least a few vintage items thrown on the porch:

P.S. – look what finally made an appearance in my yard this year. I have neighbors down the street that have had their daffs up for weeks. Not sure what’s wrong with these slackers.

Spring daffodils

Do you have your porch decorated for spring? Or do you wait for summer? Or do you just throw a wreath on the door and call it a day?

Colorful DIY porch decor for spring, with a eclectic vintage cottage theme!  After a long hard cold winter, you need a little bit of color in your life.

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  1. heidi defaut says

    your porch looks great! i like to decorate for everything, set up little scenarios.happy spring to you!

  2. says

    I really like the look of the metal tray on your cabinet door. That yellow table is pretty darn sweet too. If your metal picnic basket ends up missing, you might need to visit West MI. I’ve been on the look out for that exact style at estate sales. Great porch vignette. Another winner! I understand that white stuff is headed our way tonight. Between you and me, I took a garden hose to the last of the dirty snow piles and ice chunks over the weekend. I was tired of looking at them. Our daffs aren’t showing any signs of anything. Come on Mother Nature. Quit being bipolar!

  3. says

    Your porch looks lovely! What is your secret to the branches in the tin bucket staying kind of bundled together. Mine always “fall apart”!

    • says

      I have some twine loosely wrapped around the bottom five or so inches (not too tight or they seem to stand too straight) and then I have them wedged into a small plastic cup in the bottom of that pail.

  4. says

    I adore your “bright yellow, all up in your face, spring has sprung, table!” It’s perfect for a pop of color to get you going for spring. I also love the metal basket filled with panies. What a great idea. I have passed up a couple of these baskets the past couple months since I never know what to do with them. Now I’m wishing I had picked on up – – big time.

  5. says

    I love the sweet yellow table with the metal picnic basket, so cute! Green is one of my favorite colors and it looks so pretty with yellow. Perfect spring decor!

  6. says

    Your porch is so bright and spring-y looking! I love the bright yellow and green you are using, and the little ceramic rabbit planter is so cute. It is snowing here in St. Louis right now as I look out of the window. It is just a few light flakes, but at this point in time, a few is too many.

  7. says

    You did an excellent job. The pillows are still welcoming. I painted my porch floor as well as the mailbox as we’re selling our house but it does look a lot cheerier, especially since I also painted our bench and added pots of Pansies. Happy Spring and Happy Easter! -Bev

  8. says

    The yellow table is pretty dang spring like. I love the green door. It looks like metal to me-well done. I do not decorate for spring much. I just plant copious amounts of flowers everywhere. xo, olive

  9. says

    Just LOVELY! The tray is a very clever idea, and YES…it adds interest! As far as the pillows go, if you are still concerned about them swimming in their fabric, you can always use some coordinating embroidery floss and do a running stitch about 1/2″ or 1″ in from the edge all the way around. Would look like it was meant to be!


  10. says

    So adorable! Since we moved to Ohio, I have a bigger porch now and I love to decorate it, too. I love your picnic basket – so cute! Love the tole tray on the green cabinet door. I have the same forsythia wreath on my front door. Enjoy this beautiful weather – Happy Easter!

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