Last week I checked out a book from my local library called Vintage Vavoom from the editors of Romantic Homes Magazine (copyright 2007 by Action Pursuits, LLC).

It is a charming book packed full of images of vintage and antique items. With lots of photos like these.

I enjoyed the book, but then as I was flipping the pages I saw this photo.

Uh, wait a minute. I have one of these cast iron farm sets and it is not vintage. Nor antique. Probably not more than five to ten years old.

It is awfully darn cute though!

If you can call something that weighs at least 30 pounds, cute? Handsome may be a better term.

Mine is mostly brown instead of white, but same difference.

So does it bug you when you see something not authentically vintage in these vintage and antique decorating books? Does it diminish the rest of the book for you?

Or am I just a picky little nut that should stay out of the library?

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    I love this stone house vignette–it is darn cute. But, to your point, I get what you are saying–don’t like being led astray or bamboozled!
    You know the truth and thanks for sharing.

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    I’m not sure. Did they specify it was vintage in the magazine? I just think it’s fabulous that you have that Stock Yard because it is really cute.

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    Yours is a replica of a vintage set , I have several cast iron penney banks that are replicas of the originals. I wouldn’t be able to aford the originals, but I like the look of the replicas.

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    It is a cute set, new or old.

    It does bug me when something is presented as old when it’s not. And I don’t like “antique” shops that are full of brand, spanking new things fresh from China. Maybe they have a couple of older things mixed in. Maybe they started out with old stuff and found it easier to go buy new stuff. Or maybe, like a friend of mine, thought you went to market to buy antiques. Yes, she really thought that. She thought “antiques” was a style. Anyway, it confuses me to see new mixed with old. Makes me doubt the old.

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    Actually Pam, no, it does not. They are definitely Vintage Inspired pieces. There are so many pretty things like that, re produced from old designs etc. I’ve not seen these farm sets, but they look amazing. I think they simply must have painted the white one. This book is awesome too , by the way, a nice share to start the weekend. xoxo tami

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    If you are doing a book, you better be sure what’s between the covers is right. Yeah, it would bother me not knowing if they did enough research for the rest of it.
    15 years ago the Dollar General sold a pitcher that was cubed in design. Then this pitcher started showing up in booths around here as Fostoria.
    China has done so many knock offs in glassware, pottery, and toys.
    I have never seen a farm set like yours- love it no matter the age. The only animals I have seen like this in a set that are old were made of rubber.
    Hugs- Tete

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    could yours be a reproduction of an original? I do not like going to antique stores and finding stuff that is not antique or vintage, nor do i like finding it in books. If it is a reproduction then it should say that it is.

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    Love your set, Pam! I like to buy vintage, but have a feeling the original of that cast iron set would be out of my budget…then I like a good repro!

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    Pam, like others have said, there are so many reproductions out now, even the experts have a hard time telling what is vintage or antique…it is downright annoying to think you have bought something vintage/antique and it turns out to be brand new!
    Both farm sets are adorable.

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    I like the color of yours better. Of course I don’t like it when something is being passed off as an original, but I guess it could be old. The key is in the detail and can even fool the experts. I think I noticed screws on the roof of the white one? It sure is cute though!

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    I agree, Pam, one would expect them to do their research on what is vintage. Love the cast iron stock farm – especially the brown one.

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    What a cute farm! I like yours better; the color looks more ‘natural’ and ‘old’ than the white. 😉
    Maybe the vernacular has changed…maybe “vintage” now means something that’s 10 yrs old! LOL!
    If that’s the case, I wonder what they would consider “antique”…something 30 years old? If so, I am waaaaay beyond the antique stage. Ha!

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    @Pletcha2002 – My sister bought the farm at a gift type store and they had quite a few of them plus they were all boxed up like they had come from the manufacturer like that. So, mine is a definitely a newer item.

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