A Vintage Thrifty Office

I’ve wanted to show you my office for a while now, but that means getting out the vacuum cleaner and the dust rag and my office is about the last thing in the house that actually gets cleaned. But miracles do happen and I finally got enough time to toss out the 14 Coke Zero cans and get the room picked up enough to show you.

If you look at the original blueprints of the house, this area didn’t exist. The original owners stole some area from the “attic” of the garage and converted it into a little loft type room which is accessed via a set of stairs in our master bedroom. It measures 7 ft wide by 15 ft long.

When you come up the steps and look to the left you see this countertop area. The countertop was here when we bought the house and I go back and forth whether I want to rip it out and make it into a reading nook with a big old fluffy lounge chair or just leaving it be. It is a nice place to sit and do a craft though.

Public Service Announcement – This is a really picture heavy post, so to keep it from taking an hour and half to load, I’ve put a page break in (you’ll only see it if you are reading from my home page). Just click on where it says Continue Reading below to get to the rest of the photos.

Was I drunk when I hung that yardstick?

Back when I worked from my home, this area looked totally different. Lots of books, binders, filing cabinets and the obligatory calculator. But now that I don’t need all that serious stuff, I’ve filled the space with things that just make me happy. Notice that I didn’t say useful.

To the right of the questionable countertop area is my desk. Although it has the look of an arts and crafts desk, it is one of those build your own pieces of furniture. Sauder, I believe.

The chair is an old library chair I found at an antique store for a few bucks.

This is one of my favorite things in my office. A humongous cheesebox that I use as a file holder. It’s my favorite thing because it was part of my late sister’s rather large cheesebox collection. She loved a good cheesebox.

No idea why there is a long black magic marker line underneath the badger though. I just ignore it, so please feel free to do so yourself.

Above the desk is a built-in bookcase area. It’s pointy because the ceiling in here is pointy (I probably should have researched the term for that kind if ceiling).

Look, there’s the toolbox I just showed you HERE.

The previous owner of the house was an avid woodworker, so we have quite a bit of built-ins and bookcase type things around here. I’m toying with the idea of painting all the built ins white to match the molding in the house, but am a little petrified of making that huge of a change.

Going on around the room to the right of the desk is my dresser. I use it to hold my craft supplies.

Suitcases are great for storage, BTW.

To the right of that and directly behind the desk is this weird area. It is raised up about two feet off the floor, because it sits over top of a small portion of the bathroom area. About the only thing I do with it is use it to display stuff.

Like the barn vent and the Versa Fold-n-Roll cart.

If you take two steps to the right you are back where we started at the steps leading up here. I decided not to show you the steps because, well, they are steps. You’ve all seen steps, people.

So that completes the tour of the office. Please stay seated until the ride has come to a complete stop and exit the ride safely. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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  1. says

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post and it certainly is as marvelous as I expected. Love all the special details. You really do have a cozy room for working and playing.

  2. Anonymous says

    Lucky you! It is cozy and looks very functional. I love it all.

    How cool to have the cheese box from your sister’s collection and to have such a beautiful use for it.


    Lois in SWPA

  3. says

    Pam your office wonderful. I love all the vintage treasures you’ve filled it with. I won’t even begin to list all the pretties that caught my eye. It’s all so prefect.

    Say, since your on a dusting/cleaning roll how about stopping by my place. You’d hit the dust bunny jackpot!

  4. says

    What a great work/play space. The plate with the little dog (Jack Russell or Airedale or ?) is so cute and I love the picture of the badger on the cheese box, so many cute, interesting things to see. It looks so organized, yet interesting. You have created a wonderful space for yourself.

  5. says

    great space Pam and so much fun stuff! lots of eye candy! OMG that Limburger cheese box reminds me so much of my Dad! he loved Limburger cheese! the rest of us in the house, yeah not so much….stinky!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m inspired to clean my craft room now!!

  6. says

    You have such a great collection. Love cheese boxes, love the typewriter, love the card in the frog , ok, just love your entire office. I’m going back to look some more after I pick the kids up from school.

  7. says

    LOVE your office. What a great space. I love how you have everything displayed so neatly. Everything that makes you happy it looks like is there. This room must make you smile every time you enter it.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  8. says

    Love the room! The cheese box, suitcases and the music-covered magazine holders. How did you make those? What kind of holders did you use? Metal? Cardboard?

  9. Lisa says

    I found your blog at Hometalk and I love it! You are charming and witty, and I love looking at your eclectic collection. I agree with you, keep your kitchen cabinets the way they are, they are warm looking. I feel like I could walk into your house and sit and chat with you over Cokes for hours! 😉

  10. says

    love how cozy you’ve made this space. I swear your little green bookshelf looks just like one I have. I thought my dad made it in school (1930’s) I’ll have to photo

  11. says

    Oh wow, so glad I found this via today’s post and Debbiedoo’s! Love your cozy area and getting a look at the fun bits that make you smile. I loved the teeny old family pictures in there too. Great post; now I’m heading back to finish my tour of your home!

  12. says

    Seriously love your ‘vintage’ office. And in particular, love the many different cheese boxes you have (and have re’d from your late sister). I have one round white cheese box but I love the ones you have found. I have never seen them out and about and so would love a couple to use around! Again, I love most of the goodies you have found to decorate with. What a nice vintagey office space!

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