A Caged Bird

Do you ever fall in love with an item at the store. Pine over it. Have dreams about it. Go back to visit it a few times. Want to have its babies.

Then finally go ahead and bite the bullet and make the big purchase, only to bring it home and feel sort of silly about all the hoopla you made about it?

Meet my large wooden lantern.

This baby is 2 feet tall, made to look like it’s fashioned out of reclaimed barn wood

and has a salvaged looking metal roof.

I bought it right after Christmas and it has been flitting about from spot to spot in my house for months. It’s not that it doesn’t match anything, but more that the stupid thing is huge. Just visually larger than a lantern has any right to be. Slap it on an island and you could call this thing a lighthouse.

I finally decided that I either had to use it or take it back to the store. So now I have it on my dining room table. (OK, confession time – I lost the receipt.)

I popped some shredded sheet music in it and placed my burlap bird on top of the nest. At last check, she has not laid any burlap eggs in there!

So what started out to be the buy of the century, turned into the regret of the century, and then morphed into the what-the-heck-I-might-as-well-use-it purchase of the century.

Let me out of here, this lady is nuts!

Have you ever made a purchase that looked better in the store than at home?

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  1. says

    “Have you ever made a purchase that looked better in the store than at home?” Absolutely, and for me it is usually when I am trying to follow the trend, and it’s not something that necessarily goes in my house. But,I tell myself to get over it. I am good at lots of bargain shopping all the rest of the time! You too!!!

  2. says

    Yeah, I have done that one, many times. Save it for a Christmas gift for someone “special”. LOL
    Passing it on might make your day. I would put it outside.

  3. says

    i love it! it has a great look to it! have it tried it on your porch yet? just a thought!

    and, yes, i buy stuff all the time that doesn’t quite look the way I though it would once i got it home…..thank goodness i have a booth to unload such purchases! :-)

  4. says

    I have needed a twelve step program for this in the past. Only recently with a move and purging all the “stuff” I thought I had to have because it was just perfect in the shop, I think I have finally dealt with this problem. I too think this would look great on a porch or patio–or on the hearth…

  5. says

    I do it, too. All the time! I used my Pottery Barn gift cards to buy that galvanized 3 tiered serving thingy that is taking up waaay to much room in the basement. I will probably only use it at Christmas and then give it to one of our daughters. :@

    I do like your lantern and have looked at them many times myself. And now that there are probably burlap babies in it, you have no choice but to keep it where it is. At least until they learn how to fly.

  6. says

    Oh yes, I have purchased many, many things that looked better in the store than in my house…..these are some of the things that end up in my booth :)

  7. says

    Oh haven’t we all done that! I am laughing but not at you….the lighthouse comment made me die laughing! In a store they sure don’t look that big! I do like what you have done with it…cute burlap bird! Hugs, Linda

  8. says

    I bought a big primitive red tin cabinet for my kitchen and when I got it home I realized my kitchen isn’t at all primitive and it looked like JUNK in my house…it went off to my booth and a new home…
    Your lantern really IS a wonderful piece…hope you find a place for it that makes you happy!

  9. says

    Oh yeah tons of times! I’ve done it with clothes too and then i get stressed for weeks over buying it!
    I like this lantern though Pam and just think come summer you can put it on your porch!
    Your posts kill me you are way too funny!!

  10. says

    I really think your lantern looks cute with the bird in it. I too have had buyers remorse with some items I have purchased for my home, but I don’t really think that buyers remorse is as bad as “ooh I wish I would have gone ahead and bought that but now they are all gone” remorse. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of creative ways to use your lantern and if you wouldn’t have bought it, you’d still be thinking about it. Happy Spring!

  11. says

    I’ve been down the road of remorse plenty of times myself. It’s so much worse when you start to think about returning it and can’t find the receipt and realize you’re all out of options. I think your lantern looks great and I’m sure you’ll eventually find the perfect spot for it. Would it work outside?

  12. says

    I like it with the bird inside. But I know what you’re saying. I can’t think of anything off hand that I’ve regreted buying, but I’m sure there is something???

  13. says

    I think it looks adorable! I know what you mean though–sometimes you think about something so much you blow it out of proportion and then it is disappointing. This one may grow on you more with time or a different location.

  14. says

    I think it is pretty…but if you really are not happy with it…take it back even without the receipt. They may only give a store credit…but you might find something you are happier with…just a suggestion.

  15. says

    You are too funny! I always say that when I bring something home and it’s not as “dreamy” as it was in the store is because stores have such high ceilings and everything appears smaller. I do like your lantern though and adore the little bird.

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