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    – Yes, Kim it was hot. Around 95 degrees, but it’s a lot of concrete so it felt a lot hotter.

    – Thanks Cathy. I love Pinterest!

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    I take it you’ve been watching those strange obsession shows on the Animal Planet, too. I’ve seen the unfriendly side of these creatures. Scary!!! The zookeepers should give me a call. I’ve got plenty of friendly sock monkeys to keep the crowds entertained. :@

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    yeah—gotta be careful with those gorillas…I wouldn’t want to be hugging one. Hugging the hot little monkeys that visit me is scary enough- xo Diana

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    You always crack me up! I am so glad you decided not to risk getting your face eaten off.:) Did Max enjoy it? We haven’t been to the zoo for 2 years–we used to go a lot. Our Portland Zoo is really nice.

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