Daffodil Update

You might remember The Daffodil Wars from a few weeks ago. Where a certain sister who lives in sunny Oregon won the battle (not me).

Well, just to keep you updated, mine finally poked their heads out on Sunday.

BTW, I heard it snowed in Oregon yesterday. Bummer.

High in the low 50’s all week.

Today in Ohio it was 77 degrees and sunny. High in the mid 70’s to low 80’s all week.

Do you ever wonder if this unseasonably mild winter is a plot by an evil villain who is messing with the weather of the world in order to upset our ecosystem and take over the planet? Am I alone in this thought?

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  1. says

    I am not sure what this weather means! It sure is crazy!!! It was in the 80’s here today AND my neighbor had her air on! Me NO WAY!Windows open and attic fan on.



  2. says

    Even we had 60’s today! The average for this time of year is in the 40’s. Nothing poking through in my flower beds and that’s just as well. If they were, the snow would come along and freeze them before they bloom. I hate when that happens!

  3. says

    I don’t get why you are just getting the daffodils when you are having such gorgeous weather? I have to admit I am not loving Oregon too much the last few days. You just wait–it will be beautiful here soon!

  4. says

    My first thought exactly! An alien invasion and they like daffodils to greet them!;>) Glad yours are up- No green here yet-except the winter mold on the chairs outside. (NOT pretty) xo Diana

  5. says

    Yay for early spring weather! We’ve had some temps in the 70s this week….amazing!!! We never have weather like this in March in Wisconsin. My tulips are coming up already too; they are about 6-7 weeks early!

  6. says

    It hit 80 degrees in Grand Rapids, MI yesterday. This is crazy. I’m loving it, but I do worry about what this could mean to our orchards if we get a nasty hard freeze later. I’m thinking a picnic in our special treehouse is in order this weekend with the girls!

  7. says

    I only hope it is not 113 degrees here this summer or Joe may have to buy me another house. It’s 86 right now and I have so much to do but my dang should says I cannot do a blame thing…please smack me. Enjoy those daffs♥

  8. says

    You have been watching too many science fiction movies! LOL I don’t have any spring bulbs coming up Guess I’ll have to clip a couple from the neighbor’s yard- she’s in Florida til next month and won’t miss their blooms~ Enjoy St. Pat’s Day tomorrow. We’re having a traditional meal and a glass of wine by the fire. We cleaned out the stream today and placed the pump back in. It is so nice to hear the water running once again. LOVE the weather we’re having!

  9. says

    Hi Pam,thanks for coming over to my blog. I have now re added you as well to my blog roll. It was not a fun day for me yesterday, but things are looking up around here. Love your daffs..Spring is in full bloom here!

  10. says

    It has been in the 80’s back home in Ontario all week! We have had nothing but rain!!! The sun is out today and so are the snow drops and crocus…
    I hope we get a warm summer!

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