Dear Santa,

Do you think if I type a letter to Santa it will carry more weight?

I mean, it takes way more time to type it out, apply bandaids (to your fingers which were mangled when you had to pry them out from between the keys), find an envelope, scrounge around for a stamp and then drive it to the post office than just whipping out an email. I hear that effort and style count with the big man.

Royal typewriter used in a vintage Christmas display

Royal typewriter used in a vintage Christmas display

Small nativity set used in a vintage Christmas display along with a Royal typewriter

Bottle brush Christmas wreath used in a vintage Christmas display

Royal typewriter used in a vintage Christmas display

1925 Royal Typewriter – estate sale find (her name is Kate, BTW)
Vintage electric candle – thrift store find (one of two that I have that match)
Hull vase – found at Goodwill two years ago
Vintage Angel and baby Jesus figure – part of my childhood Christmas ornaments
White bottle brush wreath – found at Big Lots two years ago
Merry Christmas glitter sign – found at Walmart two years ago for a dollar

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  1. says

    It looks nice. Love that typewriter. Those electric candles being vintage…..I had a ton of those that I threw out a few years back. They would not stay in the window and now they are vintage…..wouldn’t you know, hah.

  2. says

    Pam-It all looks great. I love your old typewriter. I put my own up for a while because the kids drive me nuts playing with it!;>) Love your finds- xo Diana

  3. says

    Well, I’d give you an A for effort! Your table looks lovely all spiffed up for the jolly old feller. I think you’re onto something with the typed letter. The letter I posted on my blog last year didn’t grab his attention.

    Although the post also contained a little white lie. :@

  4. says

    Oh yes, hand typed letter are big with Santa! What are you going to ask for?

    Your display is so pretty. Love the typewriter of course, but I love the vintage candle. The whole grouping looks amazing.

  5. says

    I love your vintage typewriter, it is much like the one that I recently purchased. It looks wonderful added in with your Christmas decor.
    Hugs, Cindy

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