Fall Cleaning aka The Cobwebs Are Closing In On Me

I’m in the middle of Fall cleaning. Spring cleaning’s less glamorous cousin.

I have been badly neglecting my deep cleaning rituals for a while now. I think it was right about the time I discovered Pinterest. Oddly enough, there are many pins on there showing you how to clean your house more effectively. I have not pinned a single one of them.

Sure I dust and vacuum and if you walked in my front door you would think things were all hunky-dory here, but when it comes to cleaning, looks are deceiving. When I started noticing that my cobwebs had cobwebs on them, I decided I needed to put down the laptop and get back to a more normal cleaning routine.

So far this week I have

  • cleaned out the garage, so all van doors can now open without fear of knocking something over
  • cleaned out my closet and got rid of four garbage bags of clothes I haven’t worn in 10+ years
  • vacuumed under my living room furniture and am 79 cents richer for the effort
  • weeded out my stash of thrift store purchases to things that I will actually use and am selling and/or donating the rest
  • cleaned my oven (OK, it’s self cleaning, but I still had to push the button)
  • boxed up some old books and gave them a one way ticket to Goodwill
  • and got rid of 90% of the cobwebs (the spiders have to have some place to live)

I just need to keep the momentum moving. And stay off Pinterest. And Google Plus. And Facebook. And . . .

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  1. says

    You go Pam. I dusted 50% of my bookcase last week. I cannot get on ladders when I am alone says Joe because I have enough issues. Seventy nine cents is a fine reward for cleaning. I would have found a hair ball. I joined the Google + blog hop and I think I did it right. Thanks so much for the help. xoxo, olive

  2. says

    You GO girl! We spent labor day cleaning out the furnace/basement storage area. It was a nasty dirty job and I’m still giddy that we finished it. I have several more closets that need some big time weeding/cleaning.

  3. says

    I can’t believe you got rid of those clothes! What if those styles come back in? Then you’re screwed!
    Congrats on the cleaning. I got so much done during my break. My house is starting to feel like mine now.

  4. says

    Well Pinterest is not my excuse, darn..the heat..laziness…working too many hours!?
    I need to get on it too. I think it gets to be too much, then I am overwhelmed.
    I am sure you feel great with a sense of accomplishment!

  5. says

    I’m exhausted reading this and may have to have a nap. Unlike you, I HAVE pinned numerous home cleaning pins…and have yet to use the FIRST one!!!! Spent yesterday stripping the mantel of it’s summer things, and was so appalled by the FILTH, I haven’t been able to bring myself to go back! Maybe later today :)

  6. says

    I am doing the same thing and I have been behind also due to pinterest. The spiders are terrible here this year and they are coming in like crazy now. Trying to shop vac every nook and cranny and dusting with essential oils of lemon and lavender which they don’t like. My little boy got bitten earlier in the summer so the spiders have to go!

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    I seriously need to do the same thing! Maybe I’ll get motivated or inspired this weekend. Right now I can’t get much done. Hubby has the upstairs bathroom torn up and everything in the hallway – he’s putting the leftover vinyl from our kitchen in there. Much needed change – but I hate the chaos it causes in the house.

  8. says

    Oh, Pam, I;ve been doing the same. I’ve hauled 3 SUV fulls to GoodWill…cleaned under my beds, one closet (that just leaves 2 more, dang it). I can get it all done if….IF…I can stay off my computer. :))
    Good for you, girl…you ROCK.

  9. says

    One of my jobs is dusting. I was listening to someone on the phone and saw a thick coat of dust along the molding of a cupboard. I was far away from any object to dust with, so I finally licked my finger and ran it down the edge. What a mess. I had to do a proper job on it when the phone call ended.

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    Cleaning always makes you feel better. I turned off the ceiling fan in the familyroom today and it hadn’t been turned off in months. Oh my goodness–it had an inch of dust on it- can’t believe all that dust could hang on. yuck. Now it is clean and I feel better :)

  11. says

    When they’re done repairing my house, may I borrow you? It’ll be a few more weeks – you’ll be recovered by then & looking for new places to clean – I mean, new adventures – right? (lol)

  12. says

    I know what you mean about losing time on here. Its not hard to do at all. I think you got quite a bit done. We always leave a spider or 2 here to kill the other bugs that might get in. 79 cents, huh? Maybe we need to move things out. Could use a little extra cash in case there are more garage sales this weekend!

  13. says

    You are making great progress!
    I’m impressed.

    Staying away from the computer is a big time free-er up-er **grin*.
    I’ve been doing that myself.

    Have a productive week :)


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