February Paperwhites

When you are thrifty and will only buy paperwhites AFTER Christmas when they are on clearance, you get to enjoy the blooms around Valentine’s Day.

One of the many benefits of being a cheapskate.

You’ll notice that I have done a little tweaking on my blog over the last few days. Just moving some things around and getting a little more color up in my header. Loved the typewriter chalk drawing, but thought it looked a bit stark for the dead of winter. This girl is craving spring and some color right about now.

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    I am a cheapskate too–my paperwhites just started blooming too. Everyone kept saying, “What is that smell?”I thought something was rotten. Turns out it is the paperwhites–they look great but I am not thrilled with how they smell:) I will be planting them in the yard–they might just have to stay there. I am forcing tulips now–I too am craving spring!

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    Pam, what a nice reminder that paperwhites bloom all year haha. It’s funny how we always associate them with Christmas. And BTW I really love your changes to your blog. Your header looks SO good, did you do all these yourself?
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

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    Your new header looks great. Next year I am buying some bulbs especially for inside. I kept back three of the crocus bulbs that I finally remembered I had put away. I planted them in January, the three I didn’t plant are in the fridge right now for their cooling off period. They still have a few weeks to go. At this rate, they will be blooming outside before they bloom inside. I am writing big reminders on my calendars to Plant the Bulbs in Fall of 2013. Sounds so far away, doesn’t it?

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    I always want to purchase them after Xmas! Old black thumb in me says,” Really Liz.. not sure it’s a good idea!” They look so dainty and love the look of Spring indoors even, when it’s so cold outside. Thanks for your help with Blogger. HTML works for now… still broken ;(
    Have a great Valentine’s Day!
    xxx Liz

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    I never think to buy them, but it would be a terrific way to bring a little spring into the house. My Christmas Cactus started blooming last week – just a couple of months late! I’m not complaining though. The beautiful pink flowers have made the winter brighter.

    Honestly though, I”m not quite ready for spring. I’m still waiting on my snow day. Just one or two that’s all I’m asking for!! We haven’t even had any delays!

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