Getting Ready For Planting

It’s not like I’m getting the tractor out or anything (mainly because we don’t own a tractor), but I have been starting to prepare for the warmer weather that’s just around the corner.

I picked up a few vintage looking planters at an antique store on Thursday and added them to some recent thrift store finds.

I bought this beauty at Polly’s booth at The Olde Shoe Factory Antique Mall in Lancaster, Ohio. She has a great assortment of vintage, crusty, weathered, worn and generally yummy stuff in her space and I almost always find something that I can’t live without.

Did you notice that it’s sort of turquoise?

This green one is a thrift store find. I paid $1.91 for it.

It is from Cookson Pottery in Roseville, Ohio.

This little no-name white pot was only 99 cents at the thrift store, so I picked it up.

While at the Olde Shoe Factory I also snagged this one.

I had been eyeing this planter for almost a year, but it didn’t have a price tag on it. This time when I eyed it for the bazillionth time, I noticed that the price tag was tucked down into the bottom of the planter. Was probably there all along!

And it’s a McCoy.

Since I bought it at the antique store, I can’t take credit for finding another McCoy piece at a thrift store, but thrift store or not, finding a McCoy piece always gets me excited.

And for staging effect only, I included this little shovel. I found it as the Habitat Restore store. I think I paid 25 cents for it.

Most of my other pots that I will be planting annuals in are much much larger than these, but I thought I would make a little arrangement of these small vintage planters on one of my outdoor tables.

So now I’ll be on the lookout for small annuals to fill these guys up.

BTW, yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day in sunny Ohio. Temperatures in the 80’s. Nope, not a typo people, it was 84 degrees!

Hanging out with Linda at Coastal Charm for her Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party.

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  1. says

    Oh I love these planters! I’ve never seen anything garden oriented in charity shops over here, especially drooling over that turquoise one!

    Jem xXx

  2. says

    Hi Pam!

    How are you? Looks like you found some real keepers and the real McCoy :)!! I’m so jealous that you get to shop Polly’s booth! I just love her style! Love the emerald green one mixed with the white and turquoise! They must make good Pottery in Ohio. I see that label on the bottom of milk glass too.

    Have a great week!
    Michelle :)

  3. says

    You are going to have one pretty little garden! Glad you guys had a nice Ohio day, it was pretty much the same in Missouri.
    Have a great week!

  4. says

    Pam- It looks like you found some really cute containers! Love the McCoy piece but the turquoise one has my vote for favorite! Have fun planting! xxoo Diana

  5. says

    Hi Pam! First off, thank you so much for your business! I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate the shout out here on your blog!! You are so nice to do that!!

    I love vintage pottery planters….you could probably tell that from my booth!! I think your planters are going to look wonderful together!! I’m so glad spring has finally sprung around here!!

    Have a good week!


  6. says

    Oh it’s so nice to see everyone out and about in the Springtime. A potting bench and weathered pots are perfect Pam. Oh my, lots of “P”‘s in that last sentence hehe
    Seriously though, can’t wait to see them full of flowers, you have such good taste when it comes to pottery. Love the McCoy piece.

  7. says

    You’re not going to believe this but I just bought the same green planter… for $9!! Congratulations!! You did well.
    Ladybug Creek

  8. says

    Great finds. The vintage stuff is always so much more interesting than the new planters in stores. Especially if you’re looking for something small.

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