The Great Turkey Switcheroo

How do you take your fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving with barely lifting a finger?

Exchange the ghosts for some turkeys, that’s how.

The day after Halloween I had the overwhelming urge to purge my house of all things orange, spooky or jack o’ lantern related.

So I tossed my ghosts to the curb (OK, to the storage box since my little hoarder self wouldn’t really throw them away) and exchanged them for turkeys.

Taking fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving courtesy of some vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers.  via

Here’s the BEFORE with the ghosts floating around.

Taking fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving courtesy of some vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers.  via

And the AFTER with my flock in place.

Taking fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving courtesy of some vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers.  via

Notice the holes in his chest. It’s not like I shot him or anything, it’s just his salt holes. Or maybe pepper holes. Either way, they are actually vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Taking fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving courtesy of some vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers.  via

BTW, did I ever mention I have a weird thing about not using vintage salt and pepper shakers. I buy them for looks, but there’s no way I’m putting my condiments in them.

I won’t be mixing my salt with a perfect stranger’s 60 year old salt. No way, no how, not going to happen.

Taking fall decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving courtesy of some vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers.  via

Snatch the ghosts up and plop down the turkeys (Wow, I just had flashbacks to WKRP In Cincinnati’s turkey drop). Decorating doesn’t get easier than that!

Is all evidence of Halloween long gone at your house? Any candy left?

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  1. says

    I have that purge urge too Pam…not good when I continue to clutter up the house with more junk. Mike told me today, that was it, no more painting, no more chalk paint, no more nuttin! Gosh what’s his problem? LOL! Of course, I ignored him. Cute turkeys.

  2. says

    Oh yeah, I box everything the day after each holiday. I mean “the party’s OVER!” I take my leftover candy to school and it is gone pretty quick.

  3. says

    Cool turkeys and I am so glad you did not shoot them or mutilate them. i just put Halloween in a cabinet, totally bypassed Thanksgiving and posted on Christmas. I am nuts like that.

  4. says

    lol…I remember the WKRP turkey drop. Have not thought about that show in years. Love your turkeys. I did “fall” decorating this year. Hopefully it gets me through Thanksgiving then we can turn on some Xmas!

  5. says

    I pulled my turkeys out yesterday! Love decorating for thanksgiving with all the muted browns and natural materials! I, too, do not like to use some of the old dishes or containers unless I can give them a really good cleaning!! LOL!

  6. says

    You are too funny! I always love reading your posts.
    I still have my Halloween decor out…it needs to come down but I get a little lazy…probably will be there till X-mas.

  7. says

    I did the same thing! Out with the spookies and in with the floozies..I mean turkeys! I sooo started laughing thinking about the WKRP show with the turkey drop! I think they should run that on some station every year,don’t you?

    Your little Tom and Co are very cute! xo Diana

  8. says

    I hope this won’t upset you but we might have been separated at birth. My Thanksgiving turkeys match yours and your pinterest pins are exactly what I would have pinned!

  9. says

    I took my Halloween decor down the day after! (some that night actually) LOL I haven’t pulled out my turkeys yet. I should get on that!
    I have some turkey s&p shakers similar to yours. I too will NEVER use vintage shakers, I buy them simply for display.

  10. says

    Hey I remember that episode!!!

    This vignette is great! I love the turkeys!!! I really like your typewriter. My mother in law had the same one and my husband cleaned out her garage one day and threw it in the dump!!!!!!

  11. says

    Gobble, gobble, gobble!I’m too lazy to lug out the Gurley Turkeys yet but Halloween has been banished.I missed out on a pair of turkey shakers like that last week at an auction.I was quite bummed!Enjoy.

  12. says

    Hee! Hee! I’ve often wondered if people actually use vintage salt/pepper shakers. I’m also that way about vintage bottles. Even though I know I can clean them out really good, I just can’t bring myself to fill them up. By the way, your vintage turkeys are absolutely adorable!

  13. says

    That WKRP episode is our very favorite Thanksgiving show ever!
    I used to have a dealer that had so many of those turkey S&Ps, and now I wish I had bought a few. They do look like you shot them in the chest! Buckshot, of course, but city girls wouldn’t know that like we do!
    Have a great day! You got rain coming if it hasn’t gotten there yet!

  14. says

    I am always looking for fun, vintage S and P shakers, Pam! And no…. I would never use them- ICK!!! They’re
    “just for pretty,” as we used to say when I was a wee child! Love your olden turkeys! Where did you end up shopping on Saturday?

  15. says

    All of our candy is gone, so now I’ve taken to eating the chocolate chips that were meant for cookies. Anyway, your flock looks great, Pam. I wouldn’t use them either :)

  16. says

    your turkeys are so cute! My Halloween was gone last week and a few of my turkeys have landed on the mantle. Posted them Monday. Next Monday I’m posting my cabinet with the rest of them. Love my little Flock! They are so fun and like you, no, I would not use my vintage S&Ps, just for looks! Come by for a visit if you get a chance!

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