Hey, The Sun Came Out

The sun was on vacation from Ohio for the month of March. Spring Break in Florida I think. But it’s April and it’s back now.

We just have to work on getting the temperatures a little warmer. 48 degrees just isn’t doing it for me right now.

I am participating in Hey Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday for the first time today. She’s in Australia, so Saturday night is Sunday morning I think.

Head on over there and check out some interesting shots.

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    Pam- What a great PHOTO!!! Good job, gal! It is still so stinking cold here I could fly! We have snow flurries coming again tomorrow and not a speck of green in sight! UGH!!! xxoo Diana

  2. says

    Awesome photo Pam!!!
    That’s funny…the sun is on spring break in Florida!!

    Hey I figured out how to enlarge my photos! Yay me!
    But now I can’t do it they cut into my sidebar photos!!

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    I thanked my mother in-law for bringing the sunshine with her from Florida as she just came back to Ct. We actually had snow the other day – Enough of that. I am thanking you for this post and making me aware of the shadow shots, very cool!

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    I saw the shot first and thought, “What a great shot. Love the shadows.” Then, I read the post! lol so glad the sun came out. Stop by for my month of giveaways!

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    I do believe that’s a cherry tree about ready to burst into bloom!


    Since shadows are fragments of light,
    Most gracefully they can take flight
    And soar through the air
    (They do this, I swear)
    As though they were some sort of kite.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Gates

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