My Endless Summer Hydrangea is on its last legs. Sort of a metaphor for the summer around here.

I got one good bouquet off it that I showed you in June on my Auction Revelation post and that was it. It never really had a fighting chance this summer with all the extreme heat we’ve had here and then add in a neglectful owner that forgot to water it as much as I should have and there you go.

I just found a couple of these mini blooms that never really grew into anything spectacular. They are only about 3 inches across. But on second thought, small can be beautiful too.

Enjoy your weekend.

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    I love endless summer hydrangeas. I tried to grow them, but they didn’t do well for me though. Too bad since they’re so pretty. Hope you have a good weekend :)

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    That is so pretty- I cannot grow the colored ones here -even with amending the soil. I need to go out and harvest my hydrangea now that you mention it. xo Diana

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    My Hydrangea is blue… I was going to cut blooms, hang to dry for this winter… but just never got around to it and now they’re turning brown. The colors you’ve captured are so lovely…Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #45!

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    I just love hydrangeas. I keep saying I’ll plant one. Not sure I have enough shade here, but I’d like to give t a try. Next year when it’s no as hot you’ll appreciate your plant that much more! It is small, but beautiful, you’re right!

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