Indian Summer

Weather in Ohio has been rather mild this week. The last few days have been close to 70 degrees, which is somewhat unusual for November. It’s offical, we are having Indian summer.

But in order to have an official Indian summer you have to have had a hard frost first (or else it would just be summer I guess). And last week we had a hard frost. It finally did my potato vines in.

Since they are on the front porch I can keep them fairly long into the season, but once a real frost hits them they got all mushy, slimy and ugly.

Really, they are pretty gross to pull out of the flower pots.

But I put my big girl panties on and grabbed them by the necks and pulled them out. And now we’re stuck with just cabbage and grass.

Weren’t they pretty. I need to move somewhere where you can grow plants year round. Georgia? Florida maybe?

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    They are pretty and this year is the first time I’d ever seen them. The gardens in front of my office building had tons of them. The were very pretty with the red roses.

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    Oh- I hear you. Our Fall has been a mild one too…so you know what’s coming..a frozen Midwestern winter~ I used to live in FL and, unfortunately, it was before I was into gardening! Oh! To have that weather now…although there are flowers that don’t do well there- lilacs and daffodils,etc. hugs-Diana

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    Pam, colder weather is moving eastward! We just had two days of hard rain and wind.
    I love the looks of the sweet potato plants but they are quite tender…your grass and kale look really nice.

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    UG, I feel your pain. I hate when the cold gets my potato vines. They are favorites of mine. I lived in southern GA, and by December, the cold had gotten them. I guess maybe you can try Florida!

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    I just noticed that the frost has taken care of several plants in our pots and garden, I’ve gotta get rid of the mushy stuff. Your potato plants sure did look pretty before the cold got to them. The pot does look pretty great without them though.

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