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    I have been looking for a wind up alarm clock as mine is on it’s last leg, er hand! For a while there were tons at the thrift stores, now that I am looking for one there are none to be found.
    I know what you mean about spam…I have decided to only leave the comment sections open for one month and then close it…hope this will cut down on some of the spam that seems to find it’s way onto older posts.

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    Every Pam I went to school with was called “Spam” – shoulder pork and ham for those who do not know:>) – at one time or another. Love the clocks – prices were great. My anon wanted me to use their dating site this morning. I am afraid my husband might object!

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    That looks like a great start to your clock collection! Wowza, that’s a lot of spam! I have my comments set so that everything has to be moderated after one week…it seems to do the trick.

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    Triplets! I started my clock collection 33 years ago, and I can actually find them cheaper today than way back in the Stone Ages. You are hooked, Spam, so you better put up some new shelves for your tickers!

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    Arrived here via Savvy Southern Style…& spent hours perusing and appreciating both your fabulous style & wonderful dry wit! Took many rabbit trails, hopping your links, oohing & aahing out LOUD over your pins, & made you my first ever “follow all”. I want to go shopping with you!
    I’m a new (devoted) follower!

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    Those are soooo cute! I would have definitely snatched them up at $5 each. Great start to a collection :) My grandma has some really cool vintage clocks and she gave me one that is really small and so cute. I love it!

    Visiting from Tweak It Tuesday :)

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    I have been wanting to start a collection of alarm clocks but I haven’t found any. Isn’t that the way it always is – the collection finds you.
    Thanks for visiting me at The Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore and I flattered you pinned some of my pictures.

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