It’s Work Time

Just wanted to let you know that I will be away from my blog for a few days. I’m totally overwhelmed with preparing for my son’s IEP meeting (Individual Education Plan, for all the non-special needs parents out there), filling out the 5,000 page questionnaire for my son’s summer camp (yeah, he’s going to summer camp!) and some other less glamorous stuff that needs my attention. So I need to switch over to the secretarial side of being a Mom for a few days. Don’t do anything too exciting for the next few days, OK?

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    Best wishes. I totally understand the IEP thing. My husband is a school social worker and I see the “other” side of those reports.

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    I so remember the IEPs. Have fun with that. Yuck.
    I am so glad that your son is going to camp! How exciting for him! I hope he has the best time. We’ll hold down the fort until you come back to blogworld!

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    Oh I forgot how wonderful all that was, kidding of course.
    we had IEP meetings tht would last 4 hours with 10 peope in the meeting. MY husband and I would eventually leave while everyone else stayed and agued who was responsbile for my son’s services.
    Good luck……((((((HUGS))))) I hope it all goes well.

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    Oh dear, try to take deep breaths and I know you are entirely the best advocate for your son. We are picking up CC at college in the morning, leaving at 5:30 am, and getting back in the middle of the night. We are taking Shelley puppy too. That will be kind of exciting. hugs,olive

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    Oh…what am I gonna do without my daily visit with you? waiting…waiting….waiting…xo Diana

    ps…I don’t know HOW you could let real life get in the way of blogging!;>)

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    Oh that’s great if your son goes to camp Pam!!
    I’ll be patiently waiting for your return.
    By the way thought of you today on my walk. There is a farm around the corner (no surprise there as the island is full of them) and it is called Hawthornes Farm! I will have to take a photo and send you!

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    Good luck with that:) Gage’s IEP meetings are pretty easy for me. I can’t imagine sending Gage to camp–you are brave. I am such a worry wart I could never do it. My kids that don’t have special needs I had a hard time letting them go to camp. Wyatt went a couple times–for 2 weeks each time. I almost lost my mind missing him. Nobody ever takes care of Gage except me..I don’t even like leaving him alone with my husband for too long. I need to let go a little I guess–good for you for doing that.

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