Longing For Color

All this abnormally mild winter weather has me walking around my backyard a lot with my camera in hand. The problem is that, even though the weather is great, there’s not a lot of prettiness around in February to take pictures of. So I tend to walk around aimlessly in circles and then my camera and I slowly make our way back inside.

Sure, a dead perennial that I forgot to cut down in the fall is something.

But nothing like the vivid colors of spring and summer.

I’m chomping at the bit to get out there and do some gardening, but it really is too early. In the meantime I’m pinning like crazy to my Pinterest gardening board.

You know the old saying

Or something like that.

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    On a brighter note, my red camellias are blooming. Do not be envious I cannot have peonies here you know. The mild winter is going to totally backfire for me because I have copious amounts of weeds everywhere and as I am the only gardener I have I am in trouble.

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    Hey, dead blooms and seed pods can be very interesting. The Bradford Pears are blooming here. I wanted to take photos, but the wind was blowing – again. Great photos!

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    I am longing for color, too. However, God having the sense of humor He does has seen fit to send us 6-12″ of WHITE tonight? How’s that for color? Your photos are gorgeous…and I LOVE the last little tidbit. I am gonna have to steal that…er…I mean PIN it! xo Diana

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    I have been working on getting all those dead blooms out of the yard. I hate it doing it–ready for the pretty new ones to come for me to pick–much more fun! It was a beautiful day here yesterday and today is snow in the rain and winds up to 30 MPH–is your sister still putting a heat lamp on her daffodils? LOL Mine are still not ready to bloom. They are smart. It is probably going to snow tonight.

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    I’m getting itchy for spring too. I did sneak out Sunday night and start trimming trees and cleaning some of the dead out of the flower beds. I could see a few tiny things starting to poke through.

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    Right there with you. I’m definitely anxious for some color. Even though its been a mild winter for MI, I’m ready to open the windows and bring in bunches of fresh flowers into the house.

    Gorgeous blooms, Pam.

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    Your flowers are gorgeous! It felt like spring in MN last week, but now we’re heading into the biggest snowstorm of the year! Flowering plants and trees are still a long way off for us, so we’ll have to enjoy yours.

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    I’m longing for Spring, too. We’ve had a mile winter here, but everything is so gray and brown. I know it has a stark beauty all its own, but I’m ready for color! And to spend a long day out on my knees, working in the flower beds…nothing like a day of gardening to make you sleep like a baby, eh?

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    Pam, I’m “chomping at the bit” too!!! My husband said that at the office building next door to his, they have already put down new mulch & have re-edged the garden borders & around trees etc. IN FEBRUARY? IN OHIO? Who KNOW what will happen next? That’s way too early.

    I’m biding my time. =) Thanks for sharing these lovely bits of color. Have a great day! ~Sally

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