On the way home from my garage sale-palooza Friday, my son and I stopped off at a local farmer’s market and bought some corn and a melon.

So the question of the day is – do you call them cantaloupe or mushmelon? My Mom always called them mushmelon, so that is what I call them, but I don’t hear that a lot in this part of Ohio. Is it cantaloupe or mushmelon in your neck of the woods?

BTW, Frank is still hanging around. He did let me pet him today, so he’s starting to warm up to me. A lot of cat treats were eaten prior to the petting. By the cat, not me. I can’t stand the taste of those things.

He’s off the the vet tomorrow to see if he has a microchip in him. I’ll be sad to see him go if he does, but I’d rather he be with his real family if they are missing him. OK, I’m starting to tear up, so have to go.

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  1. says

    Pam, you must have some “Southern” roots in your family. My mother always called them mushmelons, too! After moving to Miami for course it changed to canteloupe, but I know just what you’re talking about.
    What a gorgeous fur baby, I hope you get to keep him.

  2. Anonymous says

    Here in rural MD we call them cantelope but I remember my mother calling them muskmelons. whatever you call them, I call them good! Joyce

  3. says

    O.K. here’s my two cents worth: muskmelon or cantaloupe. I think if he becomes your new friend (you are a wicked softy, aren’t you?) you should call him, Paul, after Paul Newman, with those blue eyes. Glad you are cutting back on the treats…:-)
    There is a little black cat hanging around with just a tiny white tip on her tail. BUT I can’t afford another cat, so she needs to go home, poor thing.

  4. says

    I’m with ‘cantaloupe’ though my mom (southern Ohio) calls them muskmelons. Whichever – sure wish we’d planted some this year – lol!
    Is your corn from Schacht’s? I’m ready for some!!

  5. says

    We call them muskmellon here in Michigan…I guess, it depends on where you are from???
    I hope things work out for you and Frank.

  6. says

    Can’t wait to find some fresh veggies at our farmer’s markets up here. It’s still pretty slim pickings yet. In southern indiana where I grew up they were muskmelons up here by fort wayne they are cantaloupe

  7. says

    Cantaloupe here – A Muskmelon here are green inside.

    So happy that Frank is still hanging around and warming up to you.

  8. says

    My mother and grandmother always called them muskmelons.

    I’m glad you clarified who’s eating the cat treats. I watched one of those weird obsession shows where the woman ate nothing but crunchy cat treats.

    I hope kitty is reunited with his family!

  9. says

    My good friend is married to a melon farmer – they grow cantaloupes – that is what we always called them BUT when we lived in Minnesota, mushmelon was what they were commonly called. Took me a couple years to catch on, lol.


  10. says

    In Mississippi there is a distinctive difference between mushmelons and cantaloupes. You have shown a picture of a cantaloupe. A mushmelon is typically larger than a cantaloupe, more oval shaped, has a thinner rind and the flavor is more robust and sweet. The inside of a mushmelon is not quite as orange as a cantaloupe. This is according to my husband who considers himself quite the cantaloupe expert. (: Love the humor in your blog.

  11. Anonymous says

    you crack me up. i say cantaloupe here in texas, my illinois husband, mushmellon or something like that. ha ha pretty kitty, soft kitty, pam is a softie too….
    hugs from texas pam aka blogless in burleson

  12. says

    In northern Indiana, everyone I know calls them Cantaloupe.

    My grandmother from Florida calls them Cantaloupe….

    And everyone here in Tennessee calls them Cantaloupe.

    I’ve never heard of mushmellon before. That’s really interesting!

    Someone mentioned a “Muskmellon”…It is like a cantaloupe, but it has rings around it.

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