My Christmas Mantel (Sort Of)

OK, so I don’t really have a mantel. We have a wood burning stove, but I am going to count it as my mantel. Sort of the same thing – they both have wood involved.

I have a lot of vintage items that I decorate with for the Holidays, some that I inherited from my Mom and some that I have bought over the years.

This is my Mother’s NOEL candle holders.

They have paper labels that say Japan on the back of them, but don’t have a maker’s mark. I think they are from the 1950’s and from the design of them, they look like they could have been made by Lefton or Napcoware.

They have a quaint holly and berry design to them

and are candle holders, but for very thin candles.

Santa climbing out of the chimney is a bobble head bank made by Ucagco. Strangely enough I always thought this was from my Mom’s childhood (which would have been the 20’s and 30’s), but when I Googled this item to get a more precise date I found that it was made in the early 1960’s, which would make him from my childhood. So he’s actually quite young!

I bought this Santa at an antique mall a long, long time ago. He’s made from paper mache and I’ve been told he was a candy container from the 1940’s.

I also have this exact same Santa which was my Mother’s and always stood under our tree at Christmas when I was little. That one had an unfortunate encounter with my childhood dog though and he lost his legs in the skirmish, so when I saw this intact Santa at the antique mall I had to have him.

This hard plastic Santa is one of my favorite pieces. I bought him on eBay a few years ago. He’s a light up Santa, but I never seem to put him close enough to an electrical outlet, so I just took the cord out of his back for now.

This Christmas bouquet is covering up an ugly orange medallion on the stove door.

Not sure why I had to tell you that, but it’s the truth. If you want to see how ugly it is you can go to this post HERE where I show it to you.

In case you’re wondering, we never actually light a fire in the wood stove (the wood in the copper boiler is just for looks). We had a bad experience with it when we first moved into the house and now I’m chicken to try it again. We didn’t set the house on fire or anything, but it did get quite smokey in here and thoughts of dialing 911 were going on.

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  1. says

    I started a fire in our wood stove for the first time today and the smoke alarm keeps going off but I love the fire. Your vintage santas are way cool. I especially like the noel candle holder. I do not have one thing (I think) that is vintage for Christmas.

  2. says

    Now Pam…I told you that ugly center thing was to simulate fire burning inside…and now I am laughing remembering how much you hate it! Love your little Santas..and that NOEL is really cute. I have some old candle holders that take those skinny little candles too. That must have been quite the thing at one time. Oh! And that paper mache Santa? LOVE HIM! Hugs- Diana

  3. says

    Pam, I love all of your vintage Christmas decor! But that Santa dressed in white, with the weird big eyes kinda freaks me out… LOL
    I think it’s so cool that you’ve found all these items and that some remind you of your childhood. Do you think anyone will be coveting all my stuff 40 years from now, or will they be thinking I have a bunch of junk? You just never know! :)
    ~ Sue

  4. says

    Oh how I wish we had a wood burning stove or fireplace especially last week when it was in the – 20’s.
    I love the NOEL candle holders and your vintage Santas.

    ps I got your note on my camping blog. We had our last trip out for the year in early Oct. but I never got around to posting pics. I had an encounter with a snake on that trip so I was in no hurry to re-live that ordeal.
    Yeah, tenting..not for me anymore. I need indoor plumbing, heat, water, electricity, shower..basically everything I have at home. =)

  5. says

    have you guys had the chimney cleaned? how old is that wood stove..when it starts smoking on ours..we know it dirty..we do clean ours every year though…and we would be lost without our woodstove..hate the electric baseboards…love your decor though..I usually decorate mine in the summer..;) have a wonderful week;)

  6. says

    Your wood stove is so charming! I love it. I wish I had one. I saw those Noel candle holders at an antique store this weekend and almost bought them. Very charming vintage Santas. I like your vignette. You did a great job without a mantel.

  7. says

    I’m gonna have to agree on the stove medallion. After checking it out, it doesn’t exactly jive with the awesome woodstove. I must say you have done an excellent job of covering it! I also like your fall decorations. Makes for a great seasonal corner.

  8. says

    i was going to comment about how clean your white rock surround looks and ask you how you keep it that way with a wood stove, as I know they get pretty smokey!

    It is very pretty the way you have it decorated!

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