My Vintage Lefton Spring Chick

Have you ever noticed that there isn’t nearly as much vintage spring decor out there as there is vintage Christmas? I think the Easter decor didn’t have as much sentimental value as the Christmas decor did, so the stuff tended to get discarded eventually. Or maybe people didn’t decorate as much at Easter?

Either way, this is one of my few vintage spring decor items.

Doesn’t he look like he’s in jail?

OK, I’ll let him out for good behavior.

This little chick was made by the Lefton company and is sitting on a piece of my thrifted silver from Wednesday’s post.

I wish I had more information on this guy, but I can’t find a lot of clues online about him. I did find a Lefton collector’s website, but no real info other than someone on ebay was calling it a trinket box.

The Lefton company was started in 1940 and is still in business today, but from the looks of him he does appear to be vintage. So I am going to go ahead and call him vintage (please don’t tell me you saw him at the Dollar Tree).

I do know that he is the right size to hide an emergency Cadbury egg though. Maybe that’s why he was in jail in the first place. Can’t just be stealing people’s chocolate!

And a thrifty tip for you. Walmart has these faux moss covered rocks in their floral department this year. I paid $3.00 for the box of them.

They had these last year at the Dollar Tree, but not this year. So my thrifty tip is to buy them when you see them, so you won’t pay 3 times as much for them a year later. You’re welcome!

So, do you have a lot of vintage Easter items?

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  1. says

    Your little chick is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the tip about the rocks…I may have to take a trip to Walmart…not my favorite place, but sometimes a necessary evil! :)

  2. says

    I thought that chcik looked suspicious. Cadbury Eggs are my favorite Easter candy. I stopped over at Meijer during my lunch hour and I looked at them…but I was able to walk away. Now, I’m wishing I’d picked one or three up. :o)

    Enjoy this beautiful and warm weekend. La

  3. says


    Your vintage Lefton chick is sweet even if he’s a klepto for candy! :) I have a collection of vintage porcelain bunnies and antique German candy containers in the shape of rabbits, chicks, ducks. Other than that, some vintage Easter cards.
    Enjoy your blog. Consider me your newest regular reader! Feel free to link up to my postcard swap if you’d like to expand on your collection (or start one!)


  4. says

    He’s adorable and definitely older. I love the way you have him displayed, too.

    I actually have a good bit of vintage Easter. A good bit meaning a large size priority box full. Vintage Christmas threatens to take over the house. All the other holidays, not so much. But that makes them easier to store. I haven’t displayed the Easter stuff yet. I’d better get on the stick!

  5. says

    What a lovely vignette. I try and scoop up vintage Easter items whenever I can. It’s definitely not as plentiful as Christmas but I have a certain dealer who takes good care of me. It doesn’t hurt that my grandmother left me a few of her favorite decorations. Happy Weekend!

  6. says

    He does look like he’s in jail. Cute! I know what you mean about Easter decor. I don’t have that much either. That’s ok, it’s less we have to put away. Have a great weekend.

  7. says

    Your vignette is so pretty highlighted by the cute little baby chick. Thanks for the tip on those mossy rocks. I only have a few Easter things here and there.

  8. says

    This chick is adorable!!!
    I really don’t think back in the old days they decorated that much for Easter. Remember people only put wreaths on their doors at Christmas now we have something there all year. And look how Halloween has taken off!

  9. says

    I think there were always fewer Easter decorations, so there are fewer now for vintage collectors. I don’t remember Easter decorations that much as a kid (and that stuff would definitely be vintage now!)) But your little candy-stealing, jailbird chick sure looks vintage to me, and very cute!

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