My Vintage Toys

For Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thingie Thursday I am going to show you my toy chest from when I was a kid. Actually it was probably my older siblings’ toy chest, but I claim it now. There’s got to be some benefit to being the youngest.

It is made out of cardboard with a metal top and bottom

and has these quirky graphics on it.

I vaguely remember standing on this and squishing it a little when I was younger.

This is my horsey from when I was a baby. I can legitimately claim this since it has a manufacturing date of 1961 on the bottom which is the year of my birth.

No fancy subtraction needed – I just turned 49!

Isn’t she cute?

And this is a collection of rubber balls I found in the toy chest.

These balls are extremely dirty. I tried to clean them, but the dirt is sort of embedded in the rubber I guess. These sat in our attic in this toy chest for close to 40 years so I guess they absorbed some attic dust.

I don’t know why I wanted to keep these things. But I actually use the toy chest in my office to store some books. The balls I keep in a yellowware bowl as a decorative item. And the horsey, well she just hangs out in my cedar chest.

Why don’t you head on over to Colorado Lady and check out some of the other vintage items on display.

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  1. says

    Pam-What a lovely little treasure to have. And just think…that cardboard survived all these years in such good shape. I love you little horsie and the ball with the dogs on it is a keeper! Diana

  2. says

    You have such a fun collection of vintage toys.

    I’m a 1961 baby too. Birthday Number 50 is coming up in January for me.

    The Browns AND the Buckeyes won last night. Yahoo!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Pam. La

  3. says

    Happy Birthday, we are virtually the same age. I was born in June 62. The drum is darling…love the rabbit. Definitely keep all of them. I showed Joe your subway sign last night. He liked it. I want him to get the concept so if I do one he can be inlisted for help if needed. Have a love holiday weekend♥olive

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