Vintage Napcoware Turkeys

Wow, what’s with it being November already? Where did the first 10/12th’s of the year go?

However it got here, November means Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving means turkeys and turkeys means overeating and overeating means dieting and dieting means . . .

Well, you get it.

The minute my son went to bed on Halloween, I said bye-bye to all the orange and black and started pulling out some of my Thanksgiving tchotchkes.

These are vintage Napcoware candle holders. I have them in both the dark meat

Vintage Napcoware turkeys are a fun addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table

and white meat variety.

Vintage Napcoware turkeys are a fun addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table

The white turkey in the middle is a matching planter-like thing. Napcoware made salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, soup tureens and sugar and creamers all in this same pattern. You could have your own little posse of turkeys on the table if you wanted.

I’ve seem more modern Thanksgiving table accessories at Home Goods and such, but I’m sort of partial to these old ones that have gone through 1/2 a century of bone dry turkey, cold mashed potatoes and Uncle Sal spilling wine on the tablecloth.

OK, I never thought of it before, but these poor turkeys are forced to watch you devour their kin. It’s sort of like their own private turkey hell.

Vintage Napcoware turkeys are a fun addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table

I would give them a pardon this year, but they look so darn festive on the table.

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  1. says

    Oh- I love those old turkeys, too…including the one I live with-shhhhhh

    I really like the old “dark meat” ones the best..they look like they were loved through generational dinners.

    Have a great day…and uh…10/12= 5/6….my father always made me take things to the lowest common denominator…just thought I would share that burden with you-!>:) xo Diana

  2. says

    I need to add some turkeys to my pilgrim decor. Happy November!! It’s going to take weeks to put away our Halloween festivities. The party just continues until each tub is put away. Cheers!

  3. says

    Napco Turkeys are delightful. I have my mothers set that she used every Thanksgiving. I have acquired the napkin holder and planter that I use for serving homemade breadsticks. Still looking for a pair of candlesticks.

  4. says

    I love your turkeys..You have a fun way with words..I’m still laughing about the white meat and dark meat..LOL Oh and turkey hell day….Thank you for visiting my place .joining you now as a member.

  5. says

    Those new young thangs don’t have a thing on your vintage turkey collection! I have to score me a few of those, because much to my family’s dismay I’m the cook this year! The meal won’t compare to my mother’s, but at least the table can look cute, right?

  6. says

    I didn’t know there was a white meat version of these. Where have I been?! I have a little collection of the vintage turkey
    s-&-p shakers that decorate my holiday table but they’re empty so it’s always fun to watch dinner guests turn them upside down and shake. And shake. It helps distract them from the ‘cooking’…

  7. says

    I have one of the dark meat turkeys. It is one of the planter? ones. I did not know that it was made by Napco. It has an old feel to it. Something about the finish on it and weight of the pottery. But by the way it is painted, it must be a Napco, it is so similar to yours. Loved seeing your turkey collection. So nice to have for Thanksgiving decoration.

  8. says

    I’m guilty, I love these crazy little things! what a great post, their own private turkey hell. never thought of it that way but so true. LOL!!! I’ll be featuring this post, cause I can’t get enough of them!!

  9. says

    ha ha! white meat and dark meat….love it! you are a good writer and have a fun sense of humor. and is that how you spell chatchkeys?!?!?! notice how I spell it!! and I was a spelling bee champ back in the day!! LOL

    love your collection Pam!!


  10. says

    Normally I take white meat, but I’ll take dark here. LOL
    These are really great. I like vintage, have a few “old” turkeys around here. Thanks for sharing yours. I’ll have to look for some of these……..Sarah

  11. says

    I have a whole set of these turkey decorations given me by my sister-in-law when she gave up her home. They are lovely on the table for the whole month of November. I feel lucky to have them as they are getting rarer and harder to find. Have seen a few of them in a local antique shop.

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